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Clara assesses stress, The Doctor is in charge of naming things, and sleep is a necessity.

A station, but not just a station, a space station, goes dark, and an Indo-Chinese rescue team (after the Great Catastrophe, the tectonic plates of India and China merged, forming Indo-China.) is sent to discover why. What they find is and The Doctor and Clara Oswald. The station is the birthplace of the popular Morpheus sleep deprivation chambers; an invention that gives humans the benefits of a month of sleep in just five minutes, allowing employees to continue working without feeling tired.

The inventor of Morpheus, and the sole survivor on the space station, and narrator of this story, Rassmussen, defends his invention as humans spend a third of their life asleep. However, the Morpheus process sends electrical signals to the brain, changing the chemistry of sleep dust, the sand we wipe out of our eyes each morning, to evolve into monsters that have eaten the rest of the crew.

One by one, the rescue team falls to the Sandmen, so eloquently named by Clara from the Morpheus’ use of the song “Mr. Sandman,” as The Doctor works to sort out what is going on and how to stop the Sandmen from leaving the station and spreading throughout the universe.

“Sleep No More” quickly stands out among the other episodes of this season as it uses a technique of narration referred to as “found footage.” This popular narrative style can be seen in movies such as “The Blair Witch Project,” “Paranormal Activity,” and even episodes of “The X-Files” and “Supernatural.” The entire story is pieced together by the narrator, Rassmussen, to let people know about what happened on this station, but as it’s revealed in the end, Rassmussen has a hidden agenda.

While this style of narration is fun, keeping the excitement and intrigue up with each scene, and reminding me of first person shooter games like “Doom,” there is a lot going on within the story that is confused, or even lost, to the viewer. It wasn’t until I watched the episode a second time that I fully grasped what was going on and what happened in the end. I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns of this episode, but questions still linger; Did this footage get out? Is the fact that the viewer is watching this evidence that the video got out and The Doctor did not stop the Sandmens’ plans? Hopefully, these questions will be addressed in a future episode, either focusing on the aftermath of the events on this station, or in a passing line of previous events in conversation between The Doctor and Clara.


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