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Previously, I have mentioned my excitement for the upcoming entry into the Star Wars universe, Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, but the most TV Spot seems to be giving me chills and bringing a nerdy smile. For some reason, it happens when the mysterious Kylo Ren states that he will continue what Vader started.

Now I am not sure whether or not they are left over chills from the most recent (and apparently last) trailer but this short spot just confirms how I am going to feel walking into the theatre December 18.


(I had to pause and figure out the correct word for this subtitle, and as I wrote, the smile came onto my face again.)

The film looks like it is going to be a piece of cinematic gold. The trailer doesn't make it feel clustered. In each of the frames, in the trailer, a lot doesn't seem to be filling up the camera which is brilliant! There may be a lot of goings on, but there is also a lot of padding - free space.

The reason I loved the monologue by james Spader's Ultron in the second Avengers film, was due to the camera placement.

There is a lot of free space around who we are meant to be paying attention to, making it a much more intimate and thoughtful scene, and even when cutting back to our heroes on the balcony, there was some nice spacing, making it a very intimate shot.

But back to Star Wars, the film is taking one of the biggest universe's known to man, and recreating it for the newest generation plus the other two. But just from the quality of the trailer, I am willing to bet money that the movie will look beautiful.

The Sound of Silence

That is something that will not be present in this film. Silence. The fact that the trailer has an original score from John Williams himself, demonstrates the lengths that J.J. Abrams has gone to make this film unforgettable. Now I downloaded the song as soon as it was released to YouTube and named it, Awakening so I could put it at the top of my playlist. And I think you should also!

If you are a Star Wars fan and you don't get chills from listening to that, then I think something is wrong with your ears and hair follicles. But WHY am I getting chills from these two elements?


I was born in '96, and was brought up on the original trilogy. The original being the versions that hadn't been edited and manipulated. When I was of a certain age, I was allowed to watch the new trilogy, which I loved even more than the originals. Because they were new and flashy and cinematic. Not to mention, sounded better. But it has been in the past 6 years that I have re-viewed the originals and come to have a deep appreciation for them. I was a Star Wars fan. I convinced myself that I could build a real lightsaber when I was older. The Clone Wars was a big part of my life - despite being 'too old' - and I loved it all.

The Force Awakening is a story about a new group of young'ns coming together and fighting the forces of evil and I think what is so nuanced about that, is that we all feel that we should be a part of that experience also. We were the kids who watched Anakin and Obi Wan fight it out, and now it is our time to shine. We lived the saga and the new beginning is like a child we have been wanting for a long time. Yes we all hated the fact that there is a new trilogy in production and when we heard the news we were outraged. But secretly we all rejoiced slightly. It is a continuation of our childhood. We have to have faith in the proven abilities of the new director and screenwriter and listen to the little voice inside telling us that it is going to be alright.


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