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A question you've all asked no doubt. Who is the greatest member of the Justice League? While some might say it's subjective from person to person, I feel there is a right and wrong answer. I'm here to figure it out. NOTE: This will not be a 'who's more powerful' type of list. This is more of what would it be like if you knew them personally, and what it would be like to have them as a friend.


Now I know most of you out there think that having Batman as a close friend would be awesome. He's rich, so if you need cash he's got your back. He has tons of gadgets you can use, and he might even let you use the batmobile if you ask nicely. But one thing to remember is that Batman would be a horrible person to hang out with. He's always sad, mad, brooding and saying one wrong thing triggers the memory of his dead parents which leads him going on a rampage. He would be a bummer to just hang out with, not to mention his rogues gallery, could very well kill you. He couldn't stop the Joker from killing Robin, so I think it's best to not try and associate with him. Alright this is fun, who's next?

Wonder Woman

Diana seems like a good person. She's strong, beautiful, fierce, and wants the world to be at peace. She's a great ally to have in battle. But I'm pretty confident you won't be needing to stop an alien invasion or something of that nature anytime soon. So what could you really do with her outside of battling? Plus I'm quite certain she has more pressing matters to attend to, than to do things like go to your birthday party. Sooo nope.


No. Next.

Green Lantern

We're talking Hal Jordan here. Since we're talking about Hal it's safe to say this isn't the right pick. Sure he's got that awesome ring, but what good does that serve you? Not like you would be able to use it. That just leaves Hal himself, who does not exactly have a shining personality. He's arrogant, can be pretty condescending, and just flat out a jerk. I certainly wouldn't want to hang out with him. Having impeccable willpower isn't an excuse to be a d*ck.


I was just kidding around earlier. Fooled you huh? Anyway, Aquaman really is an amazing character. He's regal, handsome, and has a good heart. He cares about not only his people, but humans as well. The one thing is though, he is the King of Atlantis. He is really busy and preoccupied ruling his realm, you most likely wouldn't see him for the majority of they year. And when you do, it can't possibly be for that long. Plus, being associated with him might not help your social status

The Flash

Barry Allen is all-round a nice guy. He cares about others, and always puts them first. He can be there for you at a moments notice, and will do his best to try and be your friend. He is definitely a top contender for best Justice League Member. But of course, the number spot has to go to...


Superman is without a doubt the best Justice League member. Aside from being the strongest, he has the most heart. He cares about all human life, and despite having his home planet blown up, still has a caring and loving mindset, where he dedicates his life to saving others. So for me, it's no real question that he is truly the best.

Thanks for reading. Tell me, who do you think is the best Justice League Member? How would you compare them. As always, let me know in the comments, and follow me if you want to see more content. Until next time take care! (I'll add the rest of the pictures after the annotations.)


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