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So in this episode, the gang learns more about the Necronomicon, Fisher finally encounters Ash, something new is summoned from the book, and we get to see more of Ruby.

The episode starts with Ruby (played by Lucy Lawless) heading to Kelly's parents' farm looking for Ash. When she gets there, she starts interrogating a Deadite looking for Ash and the Necronomicon and we find out that she's been looking for them for a while. We also see that she has a knife than seems to hurt the Deadite. Ruby is becoming a really cool and interesting character, and she's had less than a minute of screen time so far in the 3 episodes out so far.

Meanwhile, Ash, Kelly, and Pablo arrive at the book store and meet Detective Amanda Fisher (played by Jill Marie Jones), who then pulls a gun on Ash. But luckily Pablo has Ash's back (with comedic results).

With Fisher tied up, Ash, Pablo, and Lionel (the owner of the store who has knowledge about the book) try to summon a minor demon, Eligos, to learn how to stop the Deadites. They summon the demon, and it goes as well as you'd expect.

Fisher tricks Kelly into letting her free, which then leads to the demon being set free and we see that it's not that weak.

But Kelly manages to stop the demon and they decide to see Pablo's uncle who is a shaman for help while Fisher is handcuffed in the book store.

This was a really good episode. We get to see more of Ruby, Fisher encounters Ash, and we get a new terrifying creature.

This episode also deals with Ash finally becoming a team player instead of just looking out for himself. He's done being an "alone wolf". There are also some good moments between the 3 main characters. There's a nice scene between Kelly (played by Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (played by Ray Santiago) with Kelly saying how Pablo is like a brother and how she trusts him and Pablo doesn't want to be considered a little brother. There's also a scene showing how much Kelly trusts Ash (Bruce Campbell) when talking to Fisher. There were also great comedic moments in the episode like the churros part.

The special effects were again great this episode. This episode didn't contain a ton of blood going everywhere like the previous episode, but there great effects involving the demon. The demon was practical effects (with cgi added afterwards) and was actually scary.

So far the show is still really good and I can't wait for the next week's episode. I rate this episode 10 out 10 chainsaws.


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