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Liam told us that the break will be 2 years. But okay, we can deal with that. We'll have Union J, 5SOS and an upcoming boyband.

Liam Payne:

Liam will write some songs and do some buisness.

Louis Tomlinson:

Louis will do some things with Simon Cowell. Girl Bands, Boy Bands, mixed bands. It will all happen. Young, Old, doesn't matter.

Harry Styles:

Harry will make a solo album that will be out soon 2017. Harry will write some songs with Niall Horan. Harry will also make TV Cameo's.

Niall Horan:

Niall wants to do a 2 year TV deal or 1 or 2 movie(s). He will also work with Justin bieber.

Zayn Malik to drop Album in March 2016?

The rumors say that Zayn Malik will drop an album in March 2016. Zayn has finished around 10 Songs, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Pop-Rock, Rock and Hip Hop. He has everything. Zayn recently told Hollywood peeps that he loves the Justin Bieber album and wants to duet with Justin on a dance song. Zayn will drop his first solo song in January.

Justin Bieber will make a boyband?

Justin Bieber will try to make a boyband. A 5 piece boyband. With 5 guys younger than 18. This has to be the next big thing. 1 guy that can sing R&B, 1 guy with a high voice, 1 guy that sing Pop-Rock, 1 guy with a good voice to make some vocals with his voice and off course singing. 1 guy that can sing but also rap. And they all have to be cute. Justin Bieber wants to mentor this boyband and make them the band that can compete with One Direction. Of course he didn't say that. But we know he wants to.


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