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ZaynMalik wants to wait till One Direction is on break. But do u people know why?

Zayn Malik wants to work on a song with Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tyga and 50 Cent. Zayn wants to make a hit song that he wants to drop in January/February.

But that's not all, Zayn has already finished around 10 songs, there is only 1 pop song, but Zayn has a song that sounds a little Jazzy with Pop-Rock mixed, but the most songs will be R&B.

Zayn wants a hit album. Zayn writes a lot of songs alone. But he also wants to write a break up song with Justin Bieber, a song simular to Love yourself and Mark My Words.

But is Zayn in love with Justin Bieber or something? Cause he also wants to do an R&B duet with the Biebs.

With those 3 songs he wants to finish his album. And then make a better version of I won't mind as a bonus track and make a No Type remix with Rae Sremmurd as another bonus track. Zayn probably worked with Joe Jonas and Kanye West on a song already. The Album will have a nice sound.

But Zayn doesn't wants to tour so early. Zayn wants to do a music movie, and after that he wants to do a reality show or something like Big Time Rush but with him alone not like a boyband and of course more mature. Zayn wants to do a lot with music, but also wants to do movies.

Is Zayn his career going to be like this:

Album March 2016:

14 Tracks (2 Bonus Tracks)

May 2016:

TV Cameo

June 2016:

Film a music movie

December 2016:

Finished the movie

January 2017:


March 2017:

Finish the tour

June 2017:

Start a TV Show: Called "Zayn: The Dream"

Something like Big Time Rush and Empire mixed.

That actually means that Zayn will drop 2 Albums a year. A TV Album and a real album:

But Zayn will only do 12 Episodes, cause MTV would love to have him and they do it little. But that would be a good show. Every 3 Episodes 2 songs, means 8 Songs in the show and probably an album around 13 to 20 Songs.


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