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After writing an article on what Batman has going for him in this film's titular fight, I figured that it made sense to give a list of how Superman has the upper hand. So, here is the case for Superman being the winner of this much talked about fight.

1. He's Superman

Bwahahahaha... okay, really? Do I genuinely have to explain why a super-powered alien who can fly, shoot lasers, and shake planets to their foundations can beat a puny mortal man? Seriously? Well, okay then. The Man of Steel is strong in more ways than one, his mental strength paling in comparison to his moral strength. Thanks to this, no matter what Batman throws at him in terms of underhand tricks, psychology and kryptonite, Superman will keep fighting until his last breath. Which won't come because Batman doesn't kill people... usually that is, I don't know his policy on aliens.

2. He's Superman

The man of tomorrow is also unbelievably smart, having the benefit of Kryptonian technology, enhanced brain functions and super-speed. These advantages mean that whatever gets thrown at him, he can deal with it in the blink of an eye. He can also breathe in space, so taking a trip up there should probably stop Batman from being able to do anything.

3. Yep, he's still Superman

Honestly, what am I supposed to say, the guy is virtually invincible, and with the speed he can react, how do you surprise him with kryptonite?

Wrapping Up...

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Who is your pick to win this fight?


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