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Hey, awesome Moviepilot readers! I'm always looking for awesome fan-created art and today I've found something amazing for you.

Say hello to Makeup artist, body painter and model Argenis Pinal. His specialty, which you're gonna love... is cosplay. He puts his gift to work transforming himself into our favorite superheroes. But this is not your usual cosplay. While cosplay is always good, and every single one I've seen has brought something different to the table, Argenis Pinal goes above and beyond – because his style is 2D comic book pop art. It hits harder than a punch from the Man of Steel.

He brings the pages to life in an astonishing way – by making it look like the characters just stepped out of the books, and onto the floor. Entirely with makeup/body paint.

Check. This. Out.

Everyday to Superday


Super Mashup

Bat Mashup

And not just super-dudes, he's showing love to some favorite heroines as well. Rock on! So much love.

You can look Argenis up at his official website which is a sign that the makeup operation is growing, and heading in a good direction. Nice to see! There's not much there yet, the site looks like it's still under some heavy construction, but it looks like it'll also be pretty neat (lots of video tutorials and a store, maybe with some official products being shown in the pics?) when it's done.

Have some video transformations! Believe me, they are wild.

Now, without further introductory rambling, check out the rest of the incredible, 2D-turned-3D art. Truly, this is life-imitating-art. Enjoy!

Jean Grey

Wonder Woman

Who doesn't?
Who doesn't?

Joker Mashup

Damn, I love both Jokers. These might be my faves!
Damn, I love both Jokers. These might be my faves!


Even without facial inking, IMPRESSIVE!
Even without facial inking, IMPRESSIVE!

Venom Batman

The Thing

Green Lantern

I love behind-the-scenes shots!
I love behind-the-scenes shots!

And lastly, my usual disclaimer - as always, thank you so much for reading, and please keep all commentary respectful. Remember that the artist is a human like you, who does it all on their own time, for the love of the art and the characters. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


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