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Soon, the newest addition to the Star Wars 7 franchise will come out. There will be many new characters, and returning ones. But there will be new classics that we need to know about. Now, I will examine the new characters bound to be classics in the Star Wars franchise.


Finn looks like he is a new Stormtrooper, who will get stranded on Jakku, and hunted by the First Order. He will somehow get Anakin/Luke's old lightsaber, and use it in battle. I do not think he us force-sensitive, so he will not know how to use the lightsaber that well. Finn will be a great new character, who will have a great story to dive into.


Rey is possibly the daughter of Han Solo, Leia Organa, or Luke Skywalker. We don't know yet, which makes this character very interesting. It sounds like she may be the main character of the film, if it isn't Finn, so she will be explored. Her family left her on Jakku for some reason when she was young, and she is waiting for them. It will be very interesting to see what she is about.

Poe Dameron

Poe doesn't get much attention. Most of people's attention is on Kylo Ren, Finn, and Rey, but this will be a very interesting character as well. Oscar Isaac has said that the character is like the new Han Solo, that statement makes me believe that people will love him. He will be a great character and I hope to learn more about his backstory.

Maz Kanata

So far, we don't officially know what Lupita Nyong'o's character even looks like, but she sounds very interesting. She owns a castle on a forest-type planet, where the castle looks like it will be destroyed. Maybe Maz Kanata is the one who dies, or maybe she simply dies along with Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. Either way, she will be a great new character, and living for over one-thousand years, she better have some good stories to tell. Maybe she knew a little green alien, a Jedi with a green lightsaber, you all know who I'm talking about.


There isn't much to say about the new droid. Although, I am excited to see a new female droid. She won't be a huge character that can talk or anything, but she will definitely be cool and interesting.

Kylo Ren

Many people are talking about Adam Driver's Kylo Ren. He is a very interesting character. A Darth Vader and Empire fanatic. He has a very new kind of lightsaber, a cross-guard, and looks like he has his own motives with Supreme Leader Snoke. A scary look, a creepy voice, he will definitely be a new classic, just like Darth Vader.

Captain Phasma

My favorite out of the new characters. Captain Phasma is a new Boba Fett type character. She is a very secretive character who look's like she is very powerful. My one hope is that they do not take off her helmet. I repeat, DO NOT TAKE OFF CAPTAIN PHASMA'S HELMET. This will ruin her character. She need's to be a very secret character. In Episode 8 I hope she will be more of a focus, and then they can take off her helmet.

General Hux

The General doesn't get enough attention. He was barely in the trailer's, and all we have seen of him was one picture. Many people thought that Domhnall Gleeson's character was Luke Skywalker's son, and many were disappointed to hear that this was not the case. He is a very different character and kind of like the new Grand Moff Tarkin.

Supreme Leader Snoke

Not much is known about Andy Serkis' character, but we do know that he is been kept under wraps for a reason. It is possible that he is Darth Plagueis, but I don't think that is it. I believe Snoke is a fake name, and we may find out some things about him, but a little advice to Disney, don't show this character off in any way before the movie comes out.

That is all the characters I am doing for this list. Characters like Korr Sella, Jessika Pava, Teedo, and Kata Koio are not big enough to be mentioned. There is almost nothing known about them, and they will not be big enough characters.

Did you like my examination? Are you excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Please, let me know!


What character do you want to see most?


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