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Whilst it may not be the most popular thing to hit film, with many finding it an unnecessary feature and a way to bump up ticket prices. However, I find 3D to be an immersive, at times jaw dropping and fun effect. There are some films that flounder the third dimension, such as Green Lantern and Thor. Viewers complain that the 3D can add a murky, darker effect to the image, as well as cause motion sickness to some, something I've never experienced. I find it enhances the image, pulling you closer to the world onscreen as well as throwing objects right at you.

It can be a cheap gimmick, and the added price can sometimes help the film garner a better box office return, but sometimes the gimmick is the fun of it. Take Nurse, a sexy thriller about a psychopathic carer, it's got a good sense of depth but when it comes to pop out image it's schlocky B-movie greatness and benefits from the added conversion. Piranha is very much the same, but at the end of the day if you're paying that extra price for wearing those glasses it's always good to know it's worth it, so check out my top 10 3D movies. Grab yourself these on Blu-Ray and prepare to be amazed:

10. Wrath Of The Titans - One of the first 3D Blu-Ray releases I bought, a massive improvement over its predecessor, Wrath yields unbelievable depth and has more than its fair share of pop out moments. Some of the shots appear to stretch into the screen for miles, especially during Perseus' dream where Kronos' hand hits the ground sending a path of fire heading towards him.

9. Resident Evil Retribution - Paul W.S Anderson knows how to handle the third dimension when it comes to his films. Pompeii, The Three Musketeers and the Resident Evil franchise look spectacular. Retribution is a stand out. The opening sequence is some of the finest 3D I've ever seen, depth and separation between objects and surfaces is astounding, camera shots looking down gives you the dizzying sense of vertigo. The corridor of light fight scene is filled with blood and guts and bullets zooming out the screen, this is a must see.

8. Gravity - Space has never looked so good! Gravity has one of the most effective and frighteningly realistic 3D sequences ever. This moment sees Ryan Stone attempting to unhook her shuttle's shoot, the debris hits and sends her and the ship spinning wildly as debris shoots out the screen like a wild animal, you will feel pummelled after sitting through Gravity. The space and expanse of the ships feel shapely, add that to the objects which float in zero gravity towards the screen and this is one hell of an immersive experience.

7. Mad Max Fury Road - Crashing cars, explosions, gun barrels, guitars, car wheels and war boys burst out the screen in the most frantic and giddily fast paced movie ever. This adventure in 3D gets you as close as possible on the journey to Fury Road, George Miller's world feels even bigger as tornadoes suck up vehicles sending debris and car parts hovering out the screen. The shot of Tom Hardy gritting his teeth attached to the front of a car in 3D is as good as it gets and then some!

6. Dredd - Blood and death has never looked this stunning. The slow-mo drug sequences are what we're all here for. If you have vertigo, beware, Dredd has extended sequences in the third dimension of victims falling 200 storeys to their deaths. The sense of falling is heightened by the deep atrium which in 3D makes you dizzy in the most effective way. The speckles of water, dust and light come close to floating out the screen, and the drug bust in the early scenes is a masterpiece of slow motion and 3D as bullets, blood and objects fly through the space giving you a sense of separation and distance.

5. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island - The most gorgeous CGI landscape pops to life. Dwayne Johnson chest pumps a barrage of berries right in your face, bugs and all sorts of animals appear to extend and fly on the borders of the screen. Sweeping shots of the island are jaw dropping as trees and ancient ruins stretch into the horizons making the most of the extra dimensional fun.

4. Titanic - The most successful conversion from 2D to 3D, Titanic is now even more epic and grand. Switched from the 2.35:1 to 1.78:1, the scope and scale is almost overwhelming. No loss of colour or light, Titanic is flawless. Corridors, hallways and decks sprawl on and on into the screen, there are no in your face effects but when the distance on screen looks this convincing you don't need that gimmick.

3. Transformers Age Of Extinction - Transformers was made for 3D. This movie is massive, the cities, fields and alien ships stretch so far in viewers will be tempted to take a step forward into their screens. Whilst Dark of The Moon boasted tremendous depth effects and shapely mechanical design, Age Of Extinction appears to extend far and beyond towards your glasses. Explosions come to life kicking up dirt and debris, and Transformer weaponry and gun barrels point so close and outwards you'd be tempted to put your hands up in surrender.

2. Pacific Rim - Never has a film loomed larger than Pacific Rim. In 3D, the giant monster Kaiju and enormous Jaegers tower above the cityscape and fight leaving chaos in their wake. The third dimension enhances the size of these titans, and whilst there aren't many in your face moments, objects appear to hover and move in and out the screen very effectively, and the stand out sequence sees Gypsy Danger fight a Kaiju at the docks, it is perfect 3D.

1. Oz The Great & Powerful - Wow. Just wow. This is the most entertaining 3D experience I've ever had. Gimmicks aren't just used for the sake of it, they are there to serve a purpose, to immerse you in the story and world. Oz blew me away, the waterfall trip is like a rollercoaster ride in your own living room. Objects fling fiercely out the screen, I flinched multiple times and depth is perfection. This film is better in 3D, objects take on a realistic shapely feel and landscapes stretch out so far you feel like your screen is a doorway to the land of Oz.

Agree or disagree? Let me know, tell me your thoughts on 3D, your experiences and what you think are some of the best or worst movies in the dimension!


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