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Juan Gutierrez

I'm going to cut to the chase. Zoom is non other then Barry Allen from the future. the twist. he's going to be played by John Wesley Smith. I believe this to be true and i believe this makes more sense then any other theory. My evidence lies in a series of weird coincidences that when connected, leads people to believe in one theory or another as to the identity of Zoom, but always having to come up with some convoluted reason as to why this character or other could be Zoom and why he would want to kill Barry Allen, which is what i'm interested in.

The two most popular theories are, Barry Allen is Zoom from the Earth 2 and or Henry Allen is Zoom from Earth 2. In one theory Barry Allen is the evil Earth 2 doppelganger who wants to kill Barry to be the fastest man alive on both Earths. The other theory states that Barry went to jail or was killed by speedsters, instead of his mom, and Henry Allen would instead became the Flash. Kind of like the Flashpoint Batman. Thou both theories do have their merits, both have inherent flaws.

If Barry Allen is the Zoom of Earth 2, then why does he look so much bigger in the suit? I get we're trying to make him look menacing, but Zooms powers shouldn't include the ability to make himself look larger. Also, why would he even want to come to Earth 1? What would be the point? How would he even know that there is a good Barry Allen Flash on Earth 1? Why wouldn't he, instead, go after the Earth 2 Flash (Jay Garret), instead of going after poor Barry Allen? Why would there be two speedsters living in the same space and time when on earth one there is only one speedster. I know what your thinking, i'm going to get there, and it's exactly my point. There just seem to be to many underling plot holes that still need to be explained, and i'm afraid it might get a little two complicated if they go that route.

Next, we have Henry Allen is the Zoom of Earth 2. The evidence for this lies in the suit. The shape of Zooms body is just to big to be Barry Allen's. Basically, Zoom is kinda jacked, plus he's a little bit taller then Barry Allen. As a matter of fact, a side by side comparison of Zooms eyes, when compared to John Wesley Smith, reveals a lot of similarities.

This is where things get interesting. You see the image on top where we see Zooms eyes. Check out the below image. This is from the second time we meet Zoom.

Notice something diffrent, the eyes. They covered his eyes. At first when i saw this i thought it was a little curious. Later I thought, "maybe there are two Zooms?", But then it dawned on me, what if they covered his eyes because they didn't want people to notice the similarities? Maybe they did it on purpose to keep us on our toes. Either way , this kind of threw my original theory to the curve. Considering that I've always believed that E2 Zoom would be an alternate version of Barry Allen, This kind left me feeling a stumped. Maybe it was Henry Allen. In my very humble opinion, this doesn't really make much sense. Then I remembered what Wells told Barry in his Will. "you will never be happy".

E2 is actually E1 in the DC comic book universe. it's the original, E2 didn't create E1, Barry from E1 simply opened a portal to it. E1 Barry (lets call him Barry 1) has had its timeline changed when Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawn), killed Barry 1's mom. This actually means, that in the original E1 timeline, Barry 1's mom would have still been alive. This also means that future Barry (Barry 2), probably grew up with his mom...or did he?. Last season we saw as Barry 1 went to save his mom and was stopped by future Barry (Barry 2) who saved 10 year old Barry (Barry 3) instead. That means that future Barry Allen (Barry 2) saw a future where his mother lives and the negative consequences (see Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox) of saving her. I believe that somewhere along the timeline there was a forth flash. The forth flash was the original Barry who grew up with his mom. Barry 4 is therefore the original flash that attempted to stop Zoom from killing his mom, but failed. I also believe that Barry 4 somehow got stuck in the speed-force and was kicked out in the E2 timeline when Barry 1 opened the singularity.

This explains a series of things. First off, the idea that there are 2 speedsters in E2 when there is only one in E1. As i said before, i know what you guys are thinking, "But there are 2 speedsters on E1. Reverse Flash was in E1", yes and no. RF was in the original E1 timeline, but in the future. Once Eddie died, RF disappears from the current time, and from the timeline all together. Essentially, RF never existed and there has only been one speedster in that timeline. E2 has two speedsters. the Jay Garrett Flash and Zoom. That means Barry was never the Flash. Hell, he may never have existed at all. it also means there was never a RF to kill off anyone's parents. Barry's mom on the other hand is still dead. Which means that RF did kill Barry 1's mom despite having disappeared from the timeline. This means that the original E1 timeline still happened and the RF did exist at some point. That means, also, that the original Barry, Barry 4, still attempted to save his mom. we know that Barry 2 is probably Barry 1 from the future since he attempted to stop himself from saving his mom. so that leaves Barry 4. the original.

This Barry, Barry 4, is older and more battle worn then either one of the original Barry's. This explains why he looks so large and strong and why he's so fast. This Barry is also one pissed off Flash. he grew up with his mother. When Zoom killed her, by going to the past, he (Barry 4) attempted to go the past and save her but was stopped by Barry 2, who saw the consequences of what would happen if Barry 4 saved his mom. Since Barry 2 stopped Barry 4 from saving his mother then Barry 4 never knew his mother and suddenly becomes himself a paradox thrown into a universe where he cant exist. Barry 4 will come to hate Barry 3/Barry 2 from E1, Because they essentially let his/their mother die. Barry 1,2,3 and 4 are all the same person. Remember what Well's told Barry in the Will, "you will never be happy". Zoom is the end consequence of a pissed off Barry Allen from the future. What does this have to do with John Wesley Smith? Who better to play future (older) Barry Allen then the guy playing Barry Allen's father. So, what do you guys think? Is it possible that the new Zoom will be a future Barry Allen, played by John Wesley Smith? I will leave you with one more piece of evidence.

Yes, it happened in the comics, kind of. In the comics, Barry feels responsible for the death of Wally West. He starts killing his enemies which somehow made him faster and able to travel back in time to kill himself in order to save Wally. Interestingly enough, this actually recreates the new origin of Wally West. Guess who gets introduced in the series this year, yep, Wally West. ooh yeah and umm, he's got blue lightning. I rest my case.


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