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Teen Titans Go! What can be said about this show? A lot actually. In an attempt to make what, I'm guessing, was a show for kids and the downtime that super heroes have outside of being super heroes. Which is a cute idea and can be done. The problem is, that when you take characters in an established universe, which a number of people loved and completely warp them, it becomes this.

That's why they chose these characters. They have a name which earned them a lot of love and thought they could cash in while "trying" to create something new. The keyword is of course "trying" because there couldn't have been any effort for this series and it's writing. The animation is the only thing which one could make an argument for.

Characters personalities are warped or exaggerated for parody. They made Robin a control freak and neurotic to the bone (no doubt about it), Starfire's naivete is played to childish standards and made a whole lot worse for the character, Raven being introverted made her essentially a shut in with her only enjoyment being Pretty Pretty Pegasus because...reasons? Cyborg feels the most changed, instead of the guy that dealt with being a robot by being friendly and stalwart, we get a guy whose wish is that he wants a chihuahua head coming out off his arm. Beast Boy is the one, I think, they only to a minor degree changed playing up the laziness and his fear of accepting the changes of life.

The situations they get thrown in are just not helping their cases. One where they make a play on the Madea character from the Tyler Perry plays and movies where they make Cyborg act like his grandmother and going crazy with doing so. There was an episode where Star went on a date with Speedy which caused robin to KIDNAP speedy and dress like him, then act like a jerk the entire date to make himself look good.

That's not even the worst part of it. Keep in mind this was supposed to be a kids show. I bring this back up because...

They made two references to 80's movies. TWO! Karate Kid and The Breakfast Club! Now I may be wrong but would kids born in the 2000's honestly get these references? I mean they may pick them up by their parents but a show directed, solely to children, I don't think this kind of reference should be made here. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

The show is just not good and how it keeps going is amazing to me. Maybe kids actually do like it but, and this may be grandpa of me, I just feel sorry for them. They are given shows that aren't really quality but are told that THIS is their new favorite show. Just, what the heck man?

Going back to the beginning where I said the idea could work, I meant it. They just need completely different characters. Who? Well how about these two?

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are the best kind of characters for this type of premise. You can alter them a bit. Play up the selfishness of Booster and make him constantly finding ways to get rich and famous, then Up Booster's nerdiness and up his self consciousness (Ted used to have a weight problem back in the comics). Heck if done right they could be the Kenan and Kel of Cartoons (I get the irony of that, nothing needs to be said) but yeah you can have fun with them and would show kids more heroes out there, which DC seems to forget they have.

Or if the JD and Turk of DC aren't your speed how about this guy?

'Mazing Man!

This guy actually wears underwear outside his pants
This guy actually wears underwear outside his pants

Sigfried Horatio Hunch III, AKA: 'Mazing Man, is just a goofball who wears a costume doing deeds around his city. Unclogging sinks, watching children and occasionally doing something that's actually heroic.

'Mazing Man is a dude who got lucky and got wealthy by a magazine contest. He then decides to do something good and becomes 'Mazing Man. Together, with his friend Denton Fixx, they just kind of walk around and do stuff. You cannot tell me that this premise doesn't seem similar to TTG! already.

Want to see something better? THIS is Denton Fixx:

The pilot for Wishbone was weeeeiiirrd!
The pilot for Wishbone was weeeeiiirrd!

Denton is a man who, for some reason, looks like a beagle. I don't know if it would be genetic but he has a half-sister that looks human so it could just something the creators did to create more surreal situations. I totally see Rob Paulsen voicing him too.

Denton is a writer for BC Comics and acts kind of the straight man to MM's antics. Despite his frustration with his buddy he's always loyal, even going off on a cop when he tries to badmouth Maze.

An effort was made to bring Maze to TV with Batman: The Brave and The Bold:

It was a fun little jaunt into silliness and voiced by the amazing Tom Kenny. I wished there was more for it.

These are just two shows. TWO! That would be better for children than TTG! But that's only my opinion. Do you guys have any?

Let me know in the comments below or...


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