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The Course

MPU, Moviepilot University is a six week online course that helps you take your online writing to the next level! It is a great opportunity to get some experience in the field of journalism and online writing, and can be really useful for those of you who want a career in these fields or just want to be heard in this infinite space we call 'the internet'.

The course offers to help you shape your writing style and skills in order to be a more successful online journalist with tons of feedback, useful tips and online videos. Here you can get a glimpse into what MPU offers YOU:

• Learn how to tackle the unique challenges of writing for the internet in the digital age

• Get seen, build your personal brand, and “find your voice” (in a real world kind of way)

• Develop a comprehensive online portfolio to show off to outlets you pitch to

• Have the chance to get hands-on experience in entertainment journalism by attending screenings, press junkets and red carpet events

Anyone can apply, and with a little luck you will get into the next semester of the program (participation is completely free which is just awesome). In addition you will even receive a bad-ass certificate bundled together with some cool geeky gifts delivered right to your door if you make it through!

How friggin' awesome are those Moviepilot shades?
How friggin' awesome are those Moviepilot shades?

The Chance

The greatest thing? They might even hire you! Yep, you've read that right. At the core of lies a team of comic geeks and real movie enthusiasts just like yourself, who work hard to maintain the site for YOU to use, and also to give you the latest information and most surprising movie facts out there. Dream job right? Well, there are possible hiring opportunities also available!


Now with the help of the MPU program you get a chance to show-off your skills and your dedication to everything movie related to the staff, as they will be observing you closely (and helping you out any way they can). This is your opportunity to impress them with your writing skill, originality and creativity! If you do it right it might just land you a job as a Staff Writer.

What is the difference between a Staff Writer and a Creator? It's like a Jedi Master and a Padawan.

The Job

Us Creators are just a group of fans writing in our spare time, remotely, from any location around the world simply because we love writing. There is no pressure, no deadline and we are free to write about anything we want.

Staff Writers on the other hand, are people who are official employees of Moviepilot Inc. working in their offices on the editorial team because they love writing as well. Their job is to oversee the content created by us, write articles and a whole lot of other office duties of course.

Coolest office you have ever seen, right?
Coolest office you have ever seen, right?

If working in an office seems like something dull, let me tell you this is not the typical office you imagine. They've got all the cool stuff you can imagine, from fancy computers and huge flat-screens to gaming consoles and movie posters. Let me quote one of the staff members here for a sec:

Our office is pretty sweet though. We have all the games consoles you could dream of and the biggest tv ever!

You can count me in any time! Sounds like the dream job to be honest. For more in-depth information on what it's like to actually work for Moviepilot you can check out an interview with Andrew Marco by Tim Zachary here, and the description of a day in L.A. with the Moviepilot team here.

Moviepilot is a company for the fans, by the fans

In conclusion, Moviepilot is a great website, connecting people who share the same love for movies since its creation, backed by a team of professional, nice and very awesome people. From the Moviepilot Perks Program to the MPU they are sparing no expenses to give us back something for our support and contribution to the community.

You are the future writers of Moviepilot so go out there, and write something cool!


Would you be interested in working for Moviepilot as a staff writer?


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