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Only a few more weeks unto the mid-season hiatus kicks off the annoying winter break our favorite shows take right before the holidays. It's vacation time for many shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Modern Family, Once Upon A time, Walking Dead, etc. Some will drop and episode or two in December and then it's goodbye until January (in some cases even February, ugh Walking Dead!).

The good news is that the winter season will bring back not only our Fall favorites, but the winter dramas like House of Lies , House of Cards, and Shameless, New Girl.

Unfortunately there's nothing to fill this empty void that comes from the lack of television in our lives. It's unfair when shows, ahem Empire, take a break before their final episode from December 2nd to March 30th. Or when Modern Family doesn't even let us know what's happening after December and when can I expect it back to it's rightful Wednesday night spot?

The holiday season is the worst for tv and the best time for reruns and marathons. The hiatus is also a time for the networks to deliberate over which shows to axe and which to keep. It's an unnerving time for freshman drama such as Code Black, as well as the junior Agents of Shield (whose fate hasn't been confirmed either), and the senior Bones (whose episodes don't seem to run past December). Also, no word yet on Supergirl, though it seems like the show is pulling in a good fandom and critical support.

It's also a time for the shows to keep us hanging in the middle of the season (Oh my God, we still don't know who shot Annalise ), knowing we'll come crawling back come January.

The best thing you can do is pull up a show you haven't watched this seasons and get to it, you got plenty of time until your faves return.


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