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We watch movies every day, but how often is it that we are actually wowed by what's in front of us? Probably not as often as you think. But sometimes, there are those moments that just make your insides feel all nice and warm. You may not know why or how, but that camera shot just makes you smile. Here are some of my favourite shots from the year so far. But with an added extra - they're gifs. I won't commentate these images, hoping that you too will enjoy soaking up the beauty!

Age of Ultron

This year's biggest superhero blockbuster and sequel to the highest earning superhero movie ever, Age of Ultron's visuals were even better than it's MCU predecessors with even higher quality imax quality shots.

Ant Man

Although visuals weren't as impressive as The Avengers, nor the story, however some of the visuals of the micro-verse gave us a truly realistic look into the life under our feet.


Although at the time of writing, this film hasn't been released, some of the shots from the trailer display some high quality action sequences and emotion filled scenes.

Mad Max: Fury Road


BONUS: Star Wars The Force Awakens

See my article here for why you should be having chills while looking at these images.

And my personal favourite & winner:

Well I hope you enjoyed the gallery! If you have any to add, you should create a post about it down below! But before I close I will explain my choices. The reason I love all of these frames (and these are just some of many) is due to framing and padding. The image may have many objects in it or even many things going on, however it doesn't feel crowded. Like this did:

It was a great comic-book shot though!
It was a great comic-book shot though!

It is such a rare thing these days to find filmmakers who seem to have an understanding of how to put things in frames and make them work. I think this is one of the first years in a long time to produce films which instantly spring to mind when I think of nice looking shots! But if you disagree or want to add some feel free to write.....


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