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On last week's HarmonTown podcast, the next mainstream character to appear in the LEGO universe was announced.

Yes Whovians, it was the one and (not) only Doctor Who!

Many Dimensions

The good doctor has recently appeared in the latest LEGO videogame, LEGO Dimensions, where he proved to be a well-received addition. The director of the sequel to last year's The LEGO Movie, Rob Schrab, stated that Warner Bros are in negotiations with the BBC to have the Time Lord team up with Emmet and crew.

Source: Decider, BBC, LEGO
Source: Decider, BBC, LEGO

If the movie ties in with the videogame, Peter Capaldi's doctor should be making an appearance rather than Matt Smith's 11th doctor. But don't lose your hands (yes, that is on purpose readers) dear whovians; we do not know if it will be a supporting role or more of a cameo, like Chewbacca and Han Solo's role in the original brick building adventure. But fear not! I am sure if he doesn't make an appearance in the movie he will feature in future LEGO videogames and figurines.


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