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Spencer McClure
...cheese in any of today's popular and enjoyed movies, is there? If anything, this willy be exactly WHY the movie will be enjoyed. An abundance of fun over-the-topness has proven to be good for a film, especially one based on a classic cartoon (IE Speed Racer). The cheese is what will make this movie work best. "super hero era" I agree that the whole Superhero and Nostalgia kick is the big reason why this movie is being made at all, but look at it from another angle. It's go a sci-fi creature give teenagers superhuman fighting abilities and giant robots to fight off alien forces sent by a sorceress and a demonic being that looks like it has no skin. How does that NOT sound like a comic book movie. Even if it wasn't one, so what? Plenty of non-comic movies are making it big, so it's not like this will be avoided just for that. "We didn't grow up with them" Speak for yourself. My childhoood most definitely included following the Power Rangers, from Mighty Morphin up to and including the Galaxy and Rescue versions, and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one. "They Casted Who?" I don't know why this is a bad thing. Yes, it's good to cast stars and people with good movies in their background, but you know what? Chris Hemsworth was unheard of when he was cast as George Kirk, Chris Evans only had three shows under his belt before he got his big break in The Fugitive, and I never heard of Clark Gregg until he appeared in the first Iron Man. Hell, Harry Potter had half of its cast made up of nobodies. Worse yet, nobodies that weren't even teenagers yet. Now all of these are household names. Just because you don't know who they are, it doesn't mean that they are bad actors. That said, the movie is backed by well known people from behind the cameras. Writers from Thor and X-Men: First Class. The producer of Expendables. Even Saban, the company that MADE Power Rangers, has their writers and producers as part of the process. I'd say this makes it compelling to see. "Cameos" I'll give you credit on the ratings thing, but come on. If Marvel can get away with a Stan Lee Cameo in damn near every movie made under their banner, PR can withstand a single cameo from the most popular power ranger.

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