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Now that we are well into season 5 of Once Upon a Time, we have a better idea of what is going on. And now I have a stronger sense of who I like as a villain and who needs to poof on back to where they came from and stay there for good.

The Villains That Need to Go:


I am going to start with Zelena because she has always been irritating. She complains too much and is just annoying. There have been so many opportunities for her to go back to Oz and stop bugging everyone in Storybrooke but she had to get pregnant and therefore must stick around to drive everyone up the wall. No one can ever forgive her for killing Neil either.

King Arthur

Arthur started out as a nice guy and then he started being a little suspicious and then boom! He was a very bad guy. Selfish and power hungry, Arthur teamed up with Zelena to get his sword back so it is now two insufferable people that have it out for the Storybrooke gang. He needs to go back to Camelot and be grumpy over there. He is also one of the weaker villains that there has been but still good enough to make this list.

The Villains That Can Come Back:


There are rumors swirling that Cora will be making a reappearance in the show. This could go either way. She got boring towards the end when she was on the show the last time but now that Zelena is back, it could be interesting to see what she will do with her daughters. She can come back but I have very high expectations for her return.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan was my favorite villain to date from OUAT. I thought that it was the most creative villain there was with him being Rumple's dad. There are also rumors of him coming back too and I really hope he does. He was the most interesting villain because he made another villain, Rumple, question himself. Peter Pan is number one on the list of villains I want to return to the show.


Rumple is no longer the Dark One, so what will he do now? He has since gone back to being his old coward self that he left to become the Dark One. This new, weak Rumple is nowhere near as interesting as the cunning Dark Rumple. I wouldn't mind seeing Rumple go dark again because I thought he was a better character that way.

Captain Hook


As of the latest episode, we have found out that Hook is also a Dark One because of what Emma did to keep him alive. He was bad when we first met him a few seasons ago but he turned into Emma's love and they are so cute together I don't want anything bad to happen to their relationship. But Hook is just a tad bitter because of the fact that she put darkness in him without informing him of it. I have a feeling he is going to turn into a villain again but I feel like he and Emma can both be saved and go back to the perfect couple they were before. I'm afraid it is going to be a long road ahead though...

The Villains That Should Stay Gone:

The Snow Queen

Ingrid the Snow Queen was a different kind of villain because in the end she sacrificed herself. Few of the villains have that kind of compassion even if it was realized at the end. I think that she ended her time on the show in a good way so I hope that they leave her off the show because it would hurt her character if they brought her back as evil again.

The Evil Queen

It is hard to say whether I would want Regina to go bad again. She worked so hard to get away from it and I think she has done a nice job of staying an important and helpful character despite not being evil anymore. I think she should stay good because I like her helping the rest of the gang with their quest to defeat evil. She will always be the Evil Queen even if it toned down now.


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