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Bad guys best be packing up their bags and heading on out of Central and Star City. It seems there are more heroes than we expected!

Ever since Season 2 of Arrow and Season One of The Flash, it seems pretty obvious that our favorite superheroes are here to stay and plan to keep bringing more of their friends into the Flarrow-verse. (Yes, that IS a term now. No, I do not regret using it.)

And if you think there are already enough superheroes, or super-friends, then be prepared to be introduced to a boatload more heroes and villains once DC's Legends Of Tomorrow premieres.

Especially during the upcoming The Flash and Arrow crossover, which promises to introduce audiences to quite a few newcomers. Who knows, maybe even a bunch of them will be all together in once place during the crossover event. That is, according to Arrow star Stephen Amell.

We shot a scene that had, like, nine superheroes in it. Nine people with either powers or super-suits. It was an amazing thing to look out over the scene and see the world that has been built over the course of three-plus years.

I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that. My hearing is a little bit bad. Now... Did you say we will be seeing...

Nine (9) Superheroes In This Upcoming Crossover?!

Oh. My. Grodd.
Oh. My. Grodd.

I could barely handle the awesomeness of Barry and Oliver fighting a bad guy during the last crossover, but now we will see seven more of their superhero/hero friends join them in a scene?!
Somebody pinch me. I must be in comic-to-TV heaven.

Now that we've established that we will see a total of nine heroes in the crossover event, and seeing that we have seven -- Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, Diggle, and Hawk Girl and Man-- in the picture above (No, not the John Stewart picture) that begs the question, who are the other two?

Could It Be The Atom and White Canary?

The popular opinion is that The Atom and White Canary are the other two that may be featured in the scene that Stephen Amell described. Being that they will be series regulars in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it only makes sense that we see them team up with some of their future teammates before the premiere of their very own show. Especially since the baddie during the crossover will be Vandal Savage, the main villain during the upcoming series.

Could One Of The Two be Jay Garrick?

Ever since Jay Garrick was introduced in the Second Season of The Flash, he has been at Barry's side, regardless of whether he trusted him or not, by teaching him new Flash-tricks or by giving him moral support, due to the fact that he doesn't have his speed.
But what if by the time the next crossover event happens, Jay somehow regains his speed abilities? He'll surely be able to help out Team Arrow and Team Flash during their clash with the crossover's Big Bad and could be included in this scene that was teased by Amell.

What About Firestorm 2.0?

Last time we saw Firestorm 2.0, Doctor Stein and Jax were heading out of town to train together and better their skills as one. Now seeing that Doctor Stein will also be a series regular on the upcoming DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, could he and Jax be the other two that show up in the crossover?
The only thing debunking this theory is that Franz Drameh, who plays Jax Jackson on The Flash, has yet to be added to the cast of DC's LOT. Either it may be a delay in the casting announcement or maybe Jax won't be included when that time comes.

Could Rip Hunter Be One Of The Nine?

Now this may be very off... but it's still possible! Being that Vandal Savage is the villain during the second Flarrow crossover and the main villain throughout DC's Legends of Tomorrow, could it be that Rip Hunter comes along as well and introduces himself to Team Arrow and Team Flash, earlier than we all expected? Maybe this is where he meets some of the members of LOT, you know, in case he didn't already know about them in the future.

The possibilities are endless! Now tell me...



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