ByBrad Doyle, writer at

As a fan of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops II, I was unbelievably excited for the release of the new Black Ops III. As a lot Call of Duty fans do, we pre-order the game and pick it up and play it all that first night its out. Nowadays my body cannot handle the all night sessions of drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos but I try my best. I used to do it all the time for the releases of the old games, Then after Black Ops II I lost interest. Call of Duty seemed to go downhill and it very much had lost my interest. But then with time it started to gain traction again and for me there was a lot of hype around the new release. Now its here and I've come to realize something, the series has left me behind. As a 19 year old I find that Black Ops III is very difficult for me to play and become good at. The fast paced game play with a lot of new features that have evolved with the game over time have made it challenging to be able to do well in. Sure from time to time I end up with a positive kill/death ratio, but it seems to come by more rarely than in previous games. Back in the older games when there were no super power ups and nonsense kill-streaks, it felt like there was more balance. Then there are the maps, which have become more complex and the games reach a higher kill count due to the faster pace. In the world of competitive play I feel like I have become an old man. Me and my friends have been playing Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare. That game was released in 2007, eight years ago! These were games that we used to take a lot of pride in being good at because it was a huge thing back then, but as time goes on, my friends and I just get worse and worse at these games. The more I play the more I get my butt handed to me by these middle schoolers who are starting at the age I did and I cant keep up with them anymore. Even the zombies game mode seems to have left us in the dust. It used to be about killing zombies and opening doors, now its fighting crazy new monsters, finding relics, and exploring massive new maps. Overall there's still enjoyment in this world I have previously invested so much time in and are now returning to but now as time passes I've realize that it is a younger mans game I am no match for the newer players coming into the world of Call of Duty.


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