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The TV Universe of DC has done a great job of introducing us to new heroes as side characters who evolve into their own as shown with the Flash, A.T.O.M., and John Diggle AKA...Spartan? Well both shows Arrow and the Flash have recently been making many references to the common favorite hero: Batman. In the Flash I remember references to Daggett Industries and Blackgate Prison, buildings all located in Gotham City. When they shine the Flash signal into the sky, Cisco says he can't remember where he got the idea from. The two biggest easter eggs were the mural from the Central City Police Department which highly resembled the Justice League and the newspaper from the future which has the words: "Wayne Tech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete."

On the Arrow side of things, the villain Ra's Al Ghul was directly involved with Season 3 (which the writers botched unfortunately) and as most would know, Ra's is primarily a threat that Batman takes on. And with Superman being an existing character in this universe in the show Supergirl, I think its pretty safe to say that Batman also exists.

Now I'm not saying he's going to be introduced this season or anything but I do think the writers are slowly building up his appearance on one of the shows or even his own show. Will it be a sequel to Fox's Gotham or it's own thing? I have absolutely no idea. I'm mainly here to tell you how I think Batman could be brought to the TV DC universe.

Just like with the Flash and the A.T.O.M., I think Batman should first be introduced on the Arrow for obvious reasons: they are both nightly rooftop storming vigilantes who strike fear into the hearts of criminals. With Arrow beginning to delve more into the more fantastical and "comic book-ish" elements (which I heavily approve of), the villain to bring the Green Arrow and Batman together should be the one and only Man-Bat. How would this work you may ask?

Reports of a giant bat-man breaking into hospitals and pharmacies in Star City start to attract the Green Arrow and his team to them but they are always too late. Felicity pulls up other reports of similar sightings of a Batman in Gotham City who apparently has been stopping criminals. The next time Green Arrow goes out on patrol, his team are inside a pharmacy building waiting while he waits on the rooftop and who else pops up but the Caped Crusade himself. The two fight...briefly and Batman not only incapacitates Oliver but his entire team when they try to aid their friend. Once they are all down, he explains that they are not after a man.


Who would win in a fight?

At Arrow Base, Batman (who refuses to remove his mask) is first asked if its a metahuman and he explains that he was once a scientist from Gotham who tested a serum that went awry, obviously, and now this bat monster is trying to find the components to make himself permanently this monster. Of course being the Arrow crew, they don't believe him but Oliver decides to give him a chance. Most of the episode consists of the Arrow team either trying to figure out who Batman is with flashbacks to a young Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne being friends in high school, or they fall flat to Batman himself who in seconds figures out their identities, takes to training Oliver in certain things, and other things. Another thing to sort of make fun of the fact she is so similar is to have a conversation between Felicity and Oracle over comms.

The episode ends with Green Arrow and Batman on their own defeating Man-Bat and turning him back into Kirk Langstrom. Back at Arrow Base, he compliments the team by saying they are doing well in Star City and to Oliver he says a word of dialogue from the flashbacks and that's when it hits Oliver: "Bruce?" Oliver turns around and like many times in the episode, he's just disappeared. The ending cliffhanger shows Batman driving through Star City in the Batmobile which could be seen by a man in a purple suit hiding his face in the shadows. It cuts to black and you hear a laugh.

And that is how I would introduce Batman if I was writing Arrow. There was a lot more I had in mind but I didn't want to make this article too long but you get the general idea. If you follow me, you probably know who I'd pick to play Batman but just in case...

Sam Witwer is the perfect choice for Batman in my opinion and if you want to know why, check out my article about it HERE. I want to know your guys' opinion on this idea, do you think it would work or would this fail like the pilot to the Wonder Woman show? Let me know!


What villain would you like to see Batman and Green Arrow fight?


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