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Isn't he lucky, this Hollywood boy?
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You may get a second chance at life, but you can't cheat death. There are no accidents, no coincidences, and no escapes. Opening disasters aside, the Final Destination franchise has killed off countless victims. The lucky few survive the disaster... but one by one death comes for them all.

40. Another Loose Brick in the Wall

Victim: Alex Browning from Final Destination

Having the main protagonist of the previous film killed off screen before the sequel is never a good sign, especially when it is an event as lackluster as a falling brick. It feels insulting and degrading that Final Destination's leading man was offed by gravity and a brick. Especially when the franchise is renowned for its entertaining death traps. It is unknown why actor Devon Sawa did not reprise his role, but at least that allowed the exceptional Ali Larter to return as Clear Rivers.

39. Not So Chipper Encounter With a Wood Chipper

Victims: Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke from Final Destination 2

Although both leads from Final Destination 2 were also unceremoniously killed off screen at least their demise was better executed. Apparently both survivors were killed when they both accidentally met at the same hardware store. Evan Lewis' Camaro crashed into the store and they fled through the back. Unfortunately, as they attempted to escape, Kimberly's coat became caught on a wood chipper and she and Officer Burke fell in and were mangled and torn to shreds. It is also stated that William Bludworth performed the burial.

38. Seriously, Fire the Screenwriters

Victims: Clear Rivers and Eugene Dix from Final Destination 2

Clear Rivers was brilliantly portrayed by Ali Larter and is by far the most intriguing, well developed character in the entire series. However, her death was tacked on with Eugene Dix as they both were incinerated in a hospital explosion. The freak accident itself did not make a lick of sense, but killing such a powerful character in such a hasty manner just seems like a waste. This is the most regretted death in the franchise.

37. Rub-a-Dub-Dub Crushed by a Tub

Victim: Jonathan Groves from The Final Destination

The Cowboy's death was more of an afterthought. Even though The Final Destination was only 82 minutes in length, its terrible acting and poor pacing made the film feel tiredly long. This death had very little depth or surprise because everyone, including the script, forgot this man existed. A tub fell on him. Yes, it looked as stupid as it sounds.

36. Déjà-Vu Drive-By

Victim: George Lanter from The Final Destination

This death feels as boring as Michael Myers returning every Halloween. It is incredible to imagine that the writer of this film would actually think that recycling a death from the original Final Destination would actually be appropriate. After an elaborate premonition, hokey security guard, George, is run over by an ambulance in a poor attempt at a jump scare.

35. Burning Bigot

Victim: Carter Daniels from The Final Destination

Perhaps The Final Destination is terribly misunderstood as it was neither scary nor funny. Regardless, it still tries (very poorly) to be moralistic. The film does attempt to tackle issues such as alcoholism and racism. The latter is demonstrated when bigot Carter Daniels is killed when placing a burning effigy in front of George Lanter's home. In an ironic twist of fortune it is Daniels who ends up getting burned alive.

34. Home Cooked Meal

Victim: Brian Gibbons from Final Destination 2

Poor little Brian Gibbons died at the end of Final Destination 2 a few short weeks after initially being rescued by Rory Peters. He was originally meant to die run over by a news van, but instead he was torn apart by an explosive BBQ pit. The death was ridiculous, and made an overall poor ending to an otherwise adrenaline fueled movie.

33. The Eponymous Truck Strikes Back

Victims: Nick O'Bannon, Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham from The Final Destination

Yes, this was three deaths in one, but it was a horrible ending to the terrible The Final Destination. It surely was a copout to save money on prosthetics and make up. Still, the x-ray demonstration of the leads' deaths was unique because watching those bones crack under the weight of a freight truck was actually satisfying.

32. Fence Foursquare

Victim: Andy Kewzer from The Final Destination

Firstly, there is no fence that can possibly do this, and the 3D effects are poor and unnecessary, Apparently this gimmick sells over a good story and likable characters. Had Andy's death been done properly it may have been a memorable one, but unfortunately the cheap CGI work takes away from the original premise. All in all, it is not hip to be square.

31. Perry Gets Penetrated

Victim: Perry Malinowski from Final Destination 3

Perry didn't have one line of dialogue throughout Final Destination 3; in fact no one was certain her character even had a last name. Her demise came as an unexpected surprise during the McKinley Tricentennial Festival when an unruly horse becomes scared by fireworks and runs away. The post the horse was tied to snaps during the commotion, sailing through the air before stabbing Perry in the chest.

30. Too Tired

Victim: Nathan Sears from Final Destination 5

Who says the black guy always dies first in horror movies? "Untrue!" boasts Final Destination 5. Nathan Sears accidentally took the life of his fellow Presage Paper employee, Roy Carson, and according to Death's Design that meant he took whatever years Roy had left to live. Sadly, Nathan was unaware that Roy had a brain tumor and was going to die very shortly. In a shocking turn of events Nathan was crushed by a falling tire from the Flight 180 explosion.

29. Wrenched

Victim: Dennis Lapman from Final Destination 5

This was another one of those "out of nowhere" deaths, but a wrench is no match for a bus, so this death doesn't pack much of a punch, especially when Final Destination 5 had some more elaborate sequences in the beginning. The way Dennis' death was handled seems more of an inconvenience to the plot, as if the writer didn't know how to kill him, or simply didn't care. Hey, let's throw a wrench in his face! This death also resembles Billy Hitchcock's death in Final Destination.

28. Eye Love Rock 'n Roll

Victim: Samantha Lane from The Final Destination

The basis for the hot MILF's death was actually interesting, but most of it was given away in the trailer. Although the director and writer tried to throw in some red herrings for distraction the end result was very apparent. Regardless, the fun is undeniable. Especially when Samantha utters to her unsuspecting children the foreboding threat, "I've got my eye on you two."

27. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Victim: Lewis Romero from Final Destination 3

Has anyone ever actually seen a weight machine that actually looks like this? No, I didn't think so. That's because it's extremely unsafe! Lewis' annoying arrogance did not help his case much. Many fans were rather glad to see him killed. The tension in the scene is what makes this death memorable. Is he going get his head sliced by the sultan swords hanging behind him? Or is he going to get electrocuted by a poorly placed stereo? All I know is: Fuck the Bruins!

26. Love Lays Dying in 3D

Victim: Janet Cunningham from The Final Destination

Okay, okay, so this death didn't actually happen as it is technically part of an elaborate premonition, but the buildup is so crazy it must be placed! An entire theater is on the verge of blowing up while watching an action movie where an explosion is about to take place at the same time. There is even a countdown clock that builds the tension. Watching Janet die impaled by flying debris was satisfying after she survived the car wash earlier in The Final Destination.

25. Block the Glock

Victim: Jim Block from Final Destination 5

The second murder in the Final Destination series is provided by the most versatile and deranged character, Peter Friedkin. Detective Jim Block gets shot in cold blood while investigating the victims of the North Bay Bridge collapse. Peter, hellbent on killing Molly, accidentally shoots Agent Block in on of the most tense and suspenseful set pieces in the entire franchise.

24. Spit Roasted

Victim: Peter Friedkin from Final Destination 5

Shout out to Perry for being impaled first in Final Destination 3, but Peter takes the cake in this Final Destination 5 confrontation. This character went from skilled and sympathetic to downright evil, which helped propel the movie into a more serious and dark tone. Still, watching him die was one of the most satisfying moments of the climax.

23. Hooked

Victim: Roy Carson from Final Destination 5

Roy Carson was best known for being the non-central character with the best death. A hook to the jaw? Now that's harsh! This death truly deserves to be seen in its bloody glory. You can feel the tip of the hook as it breaks through the top of his skull!

22. Beheaded by Buddha

Victim: Isaac Palmer from Final Destination 5

What starts off as a fun, voyeuristic adventure to passage parlor ends in tragedy when Isaac Palmer is stabbed numerously with several of the acupuncture needles sticking out of his chest and abdomen. Surprisingly he's not dead and even manages to survive a fire only to be decapitated by a Buddha statue that falls on his head.

21. Reverse Anilingus

Victim: Hunt Wynorski from The Final Destination

Not only did Hunt Wynorski give the Final Destination franchise its first sex scene in ten years, but also sent shivers to anyone watching with one of the most uncomfortable death scenes ever. Tossing salad is fun, but can you imagine getting your intestines sucked out of your ass? Ouch!

20. Tired

Victim: Nadia Monroy from The Final Destination

"Have you all lost your fucking minds?" Good one! Nadia was the only one to actually lose her mind. Twice really! This death makes absolutely no sense, but it's fun to watch. Especially the little twitch at the end.

19. Chopped and Screwed

Victim: Nora Carpenter from Final Destination 2

Prior to this death sequence in Final Destination 2 we had seen a decapitation by elevator scene in Resident Evil, but this movie drove the message home. Imagine your mother getting her head removed by a faulty elevator? Yikes!

18. Signing Out

Victim: Carter Horton from Final Destination

Six months after the explosion of Flight 180, Carter Horton, Alex, and Clear finally reach Paris, and although the threesome think the terror to be over the opposite proves to be true. When Carter saves Alex from a falling sign the film ends with the pendulum giving him a hell of a painful pounding.

17. Why So Serious?

Victim: Billy Hitchcock from Final Destination

Carving a smile from cheek to cheek after a tense scene involving an unstoppable train, Billy Hitchcock gets a piece of shrapnel to the face. This slices his head in two at the mouth. It is unexpected and brilliant.

16. Blades of Gory

Victim: Frankie Cheeks from Final Destination 3

Final Destination loves its convoluted Rube Goldberg death traps and this one is no exception. Sure, as a viewer you have to suspend your beliefs in order to get past the improbabilities, but the payoff is oh so sweet! Frankie Cheeks is a philandering jerk that deserves every bit of scalping he gets!

15. Evan's Ladder

Victim: Evan Lewis from Final Destination 2

Evan Lewis had everything going for him. He was no longer in trouble with the law, he had just won a ridiculous amount of money playing the lottery, and he nearly escaped the fiery pile-up on Highway 23. However, as Death likes to prove, there are no coincidences and certainly no escapes. In a sinister chain of reactions, unsuspecting Evan slips on leftover spaghetti after a fire in his apartment causes him to flee. In the commotion he is ominously and accidentally impaled in the eye with a falling emergency escape ladder.

14. Austere Asphyxiation

Victim: Tod Waggner from Final Destination

Perhaps the least bloody of all Final Destination deaths, Tod Waggner suffered a prolonged and unnecessarily cruel one. I'm not sure who actually dries their clothes in their bathtub but it worked effectively in this scene. When Tod slips on water he gets caught on a clothesline that coils around his neck causing the weight of his body to asphyxiate him. Say what you will, but the instant that his retinal arteries erupt I was silently grimacing.

13. Back Pane

Victim: Tim Carpenter from Final Destination 2

Young Timmy was only going to get a routine check-up at the dentist but ended up receiving so much more. What makes this one of the best Final Destination kills is the tension and the buildup. How is he going to die? Gagging on a rubber fish? What about that malfunctioning fish tank? Don't forget the damn pigeons! There's a quirky moment when the doctor asks Tim if he's been having pain lately just as a window pane is being hoisted in the background. It's these subtle hints that make the Final Destination films so much fun to watch.

12. Cherry Popped

Victim: Ian McKinley from Final Destination 3

Ian McKinley for all purposes is the junior version of Peter Friedkin. He's intelligent, brooding, and most of all hysterically evil. This vice comes after the loss of the woman he loves. He turns inherently pernicious and begins to stalk Wendy Christensen, determined to kill her and thwart Death's Design. Unfortunately for Ian, his plans are deterred when a fireworks display causes a cherry picker to fall on him, bisecting his body.

11. Death by Derailment

Victims: Wendy Christensen, Julie Christensen, and Kevin Fischer from Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 ends with another freak accident. In the second best ending in the series, Wendy, Julie, and Kevin are stuck on a train ride to hell when it is derailed from the tracks. Julie is obliterated by a wheel, Kevin gets jettisoned out of the cabin grinding his body between the train and tunnel wall, and Wendy lands on the train tracks with a broken leg while an oncoming train heads her way.

10. Flight 180 Flashback

Victims: Sam Lawton and Molly Harper from Final Destination 5

Undoubtedly the best conclusion to any Final Destination ever, Final Destination 5 brings the franchise full circle as an unforeseen prequel that places Sam and Molly in the path of destruction of Flight 180. Through the entire film there are hints about Paris and the time period, but it is not until the final moments when all hope is lost. Watching Sam and Molly die feels like a knife to the chest. This ending proves that death comes for us all.

9. Stalked and Stabbed

Victim: Valerie Lewton from Final Destination

Final Destination began in the wake of the new slasher craze that was initiated by Scream, however its premise is the most original and unmatched. If there is any death in this series that has the foreboding feeling of a silent predator stalking its prey then Valerie Lewton's is the most obvious choice. The Mt. Abraham teacher was repeatedly stabbed, initially getting her throat slit, and finally dying in an explosion.

8. That Escalated Quickly

Victim: Lori Milligan from The Final Destination

This death only happened in a premonition but it was by far the coolest one in The Final Destination. Actually, it was the only redeeming factor to an otherwise horrible movie. It is also more macabre considering that earlier in 2015 a woman died in a similar manner.

7. Bending Over Backwards

Victim: Candice Hooper from Final Destination 5

Technically the first death ever in any Final Destination, Candice Hooper's demise was intense. This sequence was crafted with tight tension building up to one of the most disastrous endings for any character. What begins with a loose screw on a balance beam transitions into possible electrocution and ends with a landing gone horribly wrong. Watching this in a movie theater, everyone was on the edge of their seat with anticipation.

6. Barb Wired

Victim: Rory Peters from Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 was more of a stylized action movie. From start to finish it was intense and adrenaline driven. Rory's triple cut further exemplifies this as director David R. Ellis pulled all the stops on the set pieces. The chain reaction effect on this death is also smartly executed.

5. Laying Pipe

Victim: Kat Jennings from Final Destination 2

Unicorns are beautiful, no? This is one of the coolest deaths in any movie ever. When an airbag deploys Kat is forced back into a pipe that had previously perforated her head rest. The irony of a safety device causing her death is the icing on the cake.

4. Eye Can't See So Good

Victim: Olivia Castle from Final Destination 5

This death calls for little logic, but it is still effective. Anyone who saw this installment will not be getting an eye laser surgery any time soon. Vision is an important aspect of life, but when it comes to giving that up for a chance at sight then glasses don't seem so bad after all. Ultimately Olivia dies from falling out of a window, but it's the eerie sounds of the laser and its tragic aftermath that renders this scene unforgettable.

3. Hit and Run Hijinks

Victim: Terry Chaney from Final Destination

"You can just drop fucking dead!" SPLAT! That is all. Many movies have attempted to copy this scene, including The Final Destination, but it has never been as surprising as this!

2. 2 for 1 BBQ Special

Victims: Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin from Final Destination 3

The odds of tanning beds catching fire and trapping their users inside is highly improbable, but when nudity and gore are involved the audience is invested. Dimwits Ashley and Ashlyn were innocent and lovable airheads. Watching them die is just sad, their nudity serves as a demonstration of our own vulnerability.

1. Nailed

Victim: Erin Ulmer from Final Destination 3

The number one Final Destination death belongs to Erin Ulmer, McKinley's residential gothic hottie. The tension escalated throughout the scene as most signs point towards her boyfriend Ian as the next victim on Death's list, but when Wendy saves him Erin is next in line. Falling into a nail gun, this unsuspecting victim is repeatedly impaled in the back of her head with nails, bleeding out, and even letting out a haunting whimper. It looks painful, it feels disturbing, and above all it delivers a lot of terror!


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