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As we all know by now, the Teen Titans will be getting their own show sometime in the near future, but, did the Arrow season 4 episode "Restoration" foreshadow their existence in its universe? Let's take a look, shall we?

A Communicator

In the episode, Echo Kellum's character, Curtis Holt, said that he was working on 'a communicator, but they kept exploding. Let's rewind a bit, he called it, a communicator. Who else has communicators with a big "T" on them? The Teen Titans!

Now, I know that Curtis Holt will eventually become Mr. Terrific, and I know that Mr. Terrific uses "T-Spheres", but, isn't it a little too easy to point out the t-spheres, especially when it was only the third episode that Curtis was in? Maybe we just had to read into it a little! The Teen Titans eventually become a big part of the DC Universe, so maybe this was their way of telling us that the Titans are coming!

Am I going crazy or could this be true? Let me know!

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Was That The Titan's Communicator?


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