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The ultimate fangirl - spends most nights watching back-to-back old Buffy episosdes and complaining about being tired for work the next day.
Jessica Harmon

'Seraphim Song' is the debut novel from 'Pandie James' it's currently available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle and releases officially November 16 as an ebook version (with paperback edition to follow shortly) for only $2.99

Synopsis : An angel with a musical gift from the gods falls for a mortal woman.

Left in limbo on earth, Will A. Is half angel and all rockstar. Doomed to walk alone each night after performing as the lead singer in the biggest rock band in the world, until he meets a young mortal woman that speaks to his soul. Is she the one that just might change everything?

'Seraphim Song' is the debut novel from New Zealand-born writer, actress and filmmaker, Pandie James. Written when she was a teenager, this lost novel was rediscovered on an old hard drive in 2015. Pandie James also models and acts under the stage name 'Pandie Suicide.' She is the writer, producer and plays the lead role of Marianne in the award-winning short slasher film 'Massacre', directed by Erik Boccio and starring Billy Morrison, London May, Jeff Hilliard, Katy Foley, Jeordie White and Rob Patterson.



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