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I may be the only one who has thought of this, but I guess that is why I am now writing about it. What is this it? Well, just the fact that I believe that life is like a movie. Yeah, it may sound crazy, because I am crazy, but that is my belief.

Now, I have been told a few times that, "Life is not a movie." or that, "It just does not happen like in the movies." I am here to tell you that I believe life is one. Not just one big movie for us all, rather that we are all living our own movie.

In a movie, it is not always what we expect, we do not know what is coming next, the same as our lives. The ending is not always predictable, and that is the same with our lives. In fact, our lives are never predictable. It is important to do whatever it is we can, and want to do to live the life we will love. Live a life that ends in happiness, as does in movies. The characters in a book are similar to those we meet throughout our lives. Some come, and stay to the end, and others are only in it for a moment, or a chapter.

I think , if you live life thinking it is like a movie, your happiness can become something you can control. Not all movies have a happy ending, but one can be created. As such in life, you can make sure that you are happy throughout, and until the end by living it as though all will be alright. That, is the number one way life is like a movie. Live it as though it will become what you want, that your happiness will eventually prevail.

In movies you have ups and downs, similar to those in life. Plus, we feel deeply for movies at times. Doesn't that have to mean something? Just like in movies we are eventually bound to fate, our own fate. What happens in life is what happens, and it is important to try our best to enjoy, appreciate, soak in, and find happiness throughout any and every experience.

If you take anything away from this post just try to think that life, can indeed become, and felt in the same way we feel, and watch movies.

Thank you once again for reading this blog post of mine. I love whenever I see that anyone has read something of mine. So, comments, questions, ideas, and all are appreciated, and taken into consideration.



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