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Kids who grew up watching Disney Channel's sitcoms in the 2000s surely remember the time the Disney Channel Circle of Stars sung their own versions of classic Disney songs.

Princess Disneymania is one of Disney's Disneymania series- its songs came from the Disney Princess films. Take a trip down the memory lane and recall these songs sung by the Disney Channel Circle of Stars in the 2000s:

Once Upon A Dream - Emily Osment

If Sleeping Beauty was set in the 2000s, this would've been the version of Once Upon A Dream. No one can ever replace Mary Costa's (the voice of Princess Aurora) operatic singing, but kids of the 2000s sure like music of the modern time.

That's How You Know - Demi Lovato

Imagine if Giselle (Amy Adams) sung a rock version of That's How You Know in the film. Instead of performing a musical number in Central Park, she would be performing in a rock concert. I bet Robert (Patrick Dempsey) would've taken back what he said about her coming out from a Hallmark card.

Reflection - Christina Aguilera

Everyone loved Lea Salonga's version of the song, but it can't be denied that Christina Aguilera gives you a different of kind of feel for the song! The lyrics in Christina's rendition are also different from the one used in the film.

So This is Love - The Cheetah Girls

I've always loved how the Cheetah girls transitioned the lyrics from English to Spanish.

Kiss the Girl - Colbie Caillat

Colbie's version of Kiss the Girl is light and romantic. But still, nothing beats the original version! It's not the same unless Sebastian sings it.

It's Not Just Make Believe - Kari Kimmel

Ella Enchanted was the second time we saw Anne Hathaway as a princess- a different kind of princess this time. Instead of the modern storyline we saw in The Princess Diaries, the story followed a traditional fairytale kind of story- and this song fit the film perfectly!

Under the Sea - Raven-Symoné

The best part of Raven's rendition of Under the Sea would have to be her imitation of Sebastian accent. She's almost got it!

Happy Working Song - Amy Adams

When Enchanted premiered in 2007, I added Happy Working Song to my list of "songs-to-sing-when-doing-chores". Admit it, chores are a lot more fun if you pretend to be a Disney Princess and sing labor songs.

Part of Your World - Sierra Boggess

Now that's what improvising is- using roller skates to recreate the swimming movements! If you liked Sierra's performance on stage, then you'd love Japan's performance of Part of Your World.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Disney Channel Circle of Stars

Please tell me I'm not the only one who had this as their jam in 2005! All my favorite Disney stars singing a pop version of an inspirational song makes me cry. Everything's so beautiful and magical!

The last Disneymania album was released in 2010. Although we won't be seeing these albums anymore, Disney Channel still gathers its stars to sing their own renditions of Disney songs. Watch the latest rendition of Do You Want to Build a Snowman by the new batch of Disney Channel Circle of Stars.


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