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This entire post contains potential and major spoilers for [The Flash](tag:1068303) TV series. If you don't want to know anything about it, stop reading now and here itself. And if that is true, why are you still reading this?

I know that theories about the real identity of Zoom have been flashing every now and then (pun intended) ever since that first trailer for the second season of The Flash was unveiled at Comic Con about four months ago.

The Rival, Cobalt Blue, Black Flash, Reverse Flash, Earth-one/ Earth-two Eddie Thawne, Earth-one/ Earth-two Eobard Thawne, Earth-one/ Earth-two Harrison Wells, Future/ Earth-two Barry Allen, Earth-two Henry Allen, Earth-two Joe West, etc. etc. have all been rumored or theorized to be Zoom up till now.

But now, the theory which is going to be put forth before you is the likeliest theory of them all; one which fulfills most of the up-till-date plot points.

So now, without any further adieu, I would like to tell you my theory-

Zoom is Henry Allen from Earth-two.

Let me predict and paint a picture of how the story would go like if Earth-two Henry is in fact Zoom.

Earth-one and Earth-two will now be referred to as E-1 and E-2 respectively, and all the characters will be referred by their first names, with shorts for Harrison Wells as Harry, also stated once as Wells, and Oliver Queen as Ollie later, solely for the purpose of simplicity.

Something goes wrong with Harry's Particle Accelerator on E-2, making Barry's dad, Henry, The Flash. Harry starts getting jealous of Henry, and thus becomes The Reverse Flash.

Then one day, due to his excess hatred for Henry, Harry decides to kill him off even before he got his powers. He travels through time, Henry following him in pursuit, and they both reach Henry's house, when he was just a normal man, living with his wife and kid.

But while fighting there, Henry takes his own self out of the house and to some place safe and far away from the incident, leaving Harry behind with no clue as to where he might have gone. Then, filled with rage, Harry kills Henry's wife Nora and son Barry both, just to traumatize him to such an extent, that he could never be able to become The Flash.

When Henry returns to his house to fight Harry again, he sees what Harry is doing. Then with a sudden burst of rage, Henry "steals" Harry's speed. He then stays there, lamenting over the dead bodies of his wife and son.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to escape, but while trying to return to the present, he realizes that he has lost his speed to Henry. Now Harry knows that Henry would never help him, even more so now, as he has killed his entire family.

So then, remembering his loving wife Tes Morgan and daughter Jesse, Harry kills his own self in that timeline, and acts like he is the original Wells there. He then fast forwards the silent Particle Accelerator explosion with help from Tes, and thus Jay Garrick becomes The Flash.

Harry studies Jay, his speed, character, and so on, thinking of using him to take himself to his original time, but realizes that according to his calculations, Jay is not fast or strong enough to perform time travel. And even if he gave it a shot, he knows that he won't get any help from him because Jay hates Harry for what he's done to the city.

Somewhere else, Henry is now past the guilt and shame of not being able to save his family and has taken on a very dark side. He has turned evil and does not like heroes. He has changed the color of his costume to black, with little modifications from his earlier suit, and now calls himself Zoom.

He is full of hatred and anger for any speedster now, and believes that no speedster other than him deserves to remain alive in any universe to prevent the death of his family and any other such incidents happening anywhere in the parallel earths.

He is thus obsessed with speed and wants to be the fastest man alive in any world. He needs to be the best. He has trained himself on his rage for speedsters and has thus become very fast and strong. He has gained the ability to manipulate time to his own benefit. He's transformed into something different. Something scary.

He is consumed by his own rage, so much so, that he has infected and terrorized the entire city like a plague, and now decides to do the same to Jesse that Harry did to Barry, that is, to kill her.

In the time being, Zoom catches up with Jay and tries to finish him once and for all, when the singularity that Barry opens up from E-1 appears. Jay gets pulled in, but Zoom escapes.

In the meantime, Harry figures out a way to return to his timeline. He knows that Jesse is a speedster in the future. Therefore he plans on using her as his ticket to home. But for that, she needs to get her powers first. So up till then, Harry continues to try and kill Henry.

Then one day, Harry watches the news of Jesse being kidnapped from her college by a meta-human. Now, he knows that this can only be Zoom's work. So he tries to find a way to rescue her from Zoom's clutches and then kill him.

Later, Harry goes through the wormhole to take help from the speedster there to try and kill Zoom. He then finds out that Barry is the Flash on E-2 and figures out that the breach connects the two E-1 and E-2 S.T.A.R. Labs'.

Now I know that Harry says that the only way that he can get his daughter back is by capturing Zoom. But I think he says that because he knows that Zoom won't stop harassing him and his daughter unless he takes his revenge on him. Now who would want to die? Hence Harry says that line.

This theory clears up most of the plot points that have been introduced up till now. Whatever may be the actual plot of the show, I think that the skeleton of my theory should remain the same, with some changes here and there.

Now comes the explanation part. Why is this theory the likeliest? Read on to find out!

Reason #1: The News

In episode six, Harry recalls a few things from E-2. In the second such flashback, Harry is working on something in his S.T.A.R. Labs office on E-2 while watching the news. Before it is shown that Jesse is kidnapped, a different news is going on. We thus get a glimpse of how exactly different are E-1 and E-2 from each other.

In the news, notice that on E-2, The Arrow remains The Hood, and then eventually gets unmasked, while on E-1, the positions of Robert Queen and Oliver Queen are swapped as we know them, and The Hood becomes The Arrow, and then The Green Arrow, and that he is not unmasked up till now.

This indicates that the series is adopting a parallel universes storyline, one which DC has relied upon a number of times before, to explain plots in their stories.

The same thing happened with Batman in DC's animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, where Bruce's mother Martha Wayne became The Joker, and the positions of Bruce Wayne and his father Thomas Wayne were swapped from what we originally know them to be.

Observing this trend, I think that a similar storyline is going to be adopted in the TV series too. That is why all of my theory is based on it.

Reason #2: Similarities

Here are side by side pictures of the actor who portrays Henry Allen on the show, John Wesley Shipp, and Zoom.

Now tell me that you can't find maximum similarities in their facial and bodily features here. If you can't, zoom in (couldn't resist) and observe carefully.

The head, forehead, eye color, nose, chin, jawline, (wrinkles?), muscularity, even the way they hold themselves- everything is the same. His physical appearance is the closest to Zoom among all the other potential contenders.

So Zoom has to be E-2 Henry Allen.

These are my thoughts on who Zoom really is in [The Flash season 2](tag:3588655). What do you think? Do you agree with this theory, or have you already constructed one by yourself? Be sure to write it in the comments section below!


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