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It wasn't just Ronda Rousey's pride that was beaten black and blue after her defeat at the hands (or, feet to be more accurate) of Holly Holm, and the former bantam weight champion required plastic surgery on her face to treat her injuries.

After the now iconic kick connected with Rousey's face, the Miss Marvel wannabe immediately hit the deck in the first knock out of her career that you can check out in the video below:

After the piston like high kick, Rousey was forced to visit a Melbourne hospital to rule out concussion, treat a split lip, and undergo plastic surgery to correct her facial injuries.

Mixed Martial Arts physician, Dr. Weinstein compared the severity of the blow to that of "a car accident or a hammer to the head" and explained that Rousey "needs to recover" and that "if she rushes back, she could have permanent brain damage."

Rousey recovers after the match
Rousey recovers after the match

Despite Rousey's injuries, some celebs (and regular folks) have condemned the UFC fighter for not touching gloves with her opponent before the match:

Of course, plenty of others jumped up to show the Furious 7 star their continued support after her humiliating defeat:

Although Rousey herself was too unwell to fulfill post-fight media obligations, she has left the following Instagram message to her fans:

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