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Although it's been four years since the release of the last Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, it's still pretty hard to separate Daniel Radcliffe from his magical counterpart. He's proved he can nail other roles and bust some pretty sick beats – hell, he even got naked on stage with a horse once – but somehow (although I know it shouldn't), when it comes to Radders and sex, it still feels a bit wrong.

On last week's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Daniel Radcliffe was joined by his Victor Frankenstein co-star James McAvoy, and the pair got pretty darn candid about their personal lives. From 'manscaping' (men de-frizzin' their privates), to role-playing and faking orgasms, we learned more in this two minute 'Dish in the Dark - Bro Edition' than we could have hoped.

The show's host, Andy Cohen, dimmed the lights and handed the pair torches so they could light up their faces like ghostly creepers, then quick-fired some pretty intimate questions towards the two British actors.

(Not so) Hairy Potter

Radcliffe, who once said that girls with no body hair 'down there' freak him out, revealed that he doesn't 'manscape' as 'often as he possibly should. Referring to his performance in Broadway show Equus, Cohen joked:

"You're a hairy guy, America has seen your bush on stage."

McAvoy, who apparently is the only one in the world who hasn't seen Radder's bits, required some clarification on the exact location of said 'bush.'

McAvoy: "What, like his dick bush?"
Radcliffe: "Yeah... and, there's not a lot of arse bush as well."


X marks the spot...

When asked whether either of them ever faked an orgasm, McAvoy jumped straight in to reassure us that he's pretty honest in the sack. Sometimes, however, it doesn't always work in his favor...

“No. Although I have been asked if I faked it, and I was like, ‘Really? Was it that underwhelming?’”

How to make his Huffle puff...

The next question upped the kink factor, asking whether they enjoy role-play in the bedroom?

Or more specifically, (and here's one for you to keep in mind if you ever plan on pursuing his attention), has Radcliffe ever been asked to “do Harry Potter stuff,” during... you know...

“Thankfully, no. That would be a very quick exit for me.”


Exploring their Chamber of Secrets

Harking back to an interview Radcliffe gave to Details magazine back in 2008, in which he revealed that he lost his virginity to a much older woman, Cohen asked the actors what age they'd be willing to go to when sleeping with a lady.

McAvoy jumped straight in with an amusing, sarcastic, though seemingly underrated, quip:

"You're only as old as the person you're feeling up."

Which was promptly brushed aside as they agreed that, purely hypothetically, they'd both probably be down with going to bed with a lady in her 50s.

Good to know!

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