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These days it's pretty well known that The Walking Dead commonly makes tributes to other television shows and movies, usually by including a walker that looks rather similar to a character from another franchise. These easter eggs are quickly becoming a recurring theme in the show, welcome additions for eagle-eyed viewers.

You might have spotted the most recent tribute in the episode 'Always Accountable.' When in the forest, Daryl encounters a zombie which could have looked familiar to any DC fans, as the walker was reminiscent of DC's 'Swamp Thing.'

Host of The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick recently revealed that the "swamp thang walker," is the latest creation of The Walking Dead make-up artist Greg Nicotero, who is famous for his incredible work on the show.

Nicotero recently shared an image of The Walking Dead's answer to the Swamp Thing on Instagram.

The tribute was aimed less at the Swamp Thing character and more at the mind behind the monster, Bernie Wrightson, who created Swamp Thing alongside writer Len Wein.

Other tributes in 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead has offered many tributes in the past, some of which are obvious and others much more subtle, but it's clear that Nicotero enjoys his work and that the show enjoys making subtle hints.

Check out a few of the tributes the show has made over the years!

1. Tribute to: 'Day of the Dead' - Dr. Tongue

The unmistakable long tongue and ruined face from Day of the Dead. I'll admit that I prefer The Walking Dead's version!

2. Tribute to: 'Jaws' - Ben Gardner

A dead body floating in the water; at least the one in Jaws stayed dead!

3. Tribute to: 'Dawn of the Dead' - Plaid shirt zombie

There's nothing quite like an undead trend-setter who appears across zombie franchises.

4. Tribute to: 'Dawn of the Dead' - Stephen 'Flyboy' Andrews

You can definitely see the evolution of zombie make-up design in these images.

5. Tribute to: 'Zombie' - Maggot-eyed zombie

My personal favorite: Maggot-eyed zombie. An absolute classic as well as damned terrifying!

6. Tribute to: 'Tales From the Crypt' - Grimsdyke

I'll admit this shot from Tales From the Crypt is better, but The Walking Dead did a great job of recreating the image.

7. Tribute to: 'Black Sabbath' - Dead medium

Finally, it's good to see our friend from Black Sabbath is back on her feet in The Walking Dead. She does look particularly angry.


Which tribute do you think looks the best?



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