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We are all very excited for the new Wonder Woman movie and having to wait until June 23, 2017 before we get to see it makes us infinitely sad. Especially because we know so little about the movie! We know Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman and Chris Pine is playing her love-interest, Steve Trevor, but apart from this the producers are keeping us very much in the dark. Luckily for us, we just got an interesting clue from one of the actors.

Instagram leak

The only other actor apart from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine confirmed to be in the movie is French actor Saïd Taghmaoui. It is not known who he will play, and we only found out about his appearance in the film when Saïd posted a photo on Instagram, showing himself and Chris Pine dressed in what appear to be clothes from the 1940s, implying that the movie will be set during World War 2. The photo was quickly taken down, but several people managed to screenshot it before it was gone.

Did he say too much in this interview?

In addition to posting the revealing photo on Instagram, Saïd recently shared an interesting detail about his character in an interview with French magazine Ultra. The interview is in French, so there has been a minor debate if the translation was correct. Just to be sure, I asked a French native speaker to translate it for me, and this is his translation of the interview.

"Which character are you going to play?"
"The character of a non-evil superhero, but the scenario is still top secret."

The quote may be small, but it reveals that Saïd will be playing a superhero, and also one of the good guys.

So who is it?

Place your bets everyone, it's time for a guessing game. A reddit thread has of course been created, and comic book fans are currently trying to find out who this mystery Superhero is. Several names have been mentioned, but three heroes in particular seem to be popular choices.

1. Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is the alter-ego of Kent Nelson; a superhero with magical abilities. At one point in his life, Doctor Fate joined the army and he served as a paratrooper during World War 2. If the Wonder Woman movie is set during that time, like the leaked image suggests, this would make a lot of sense.

2. Zatara

Giovanni "John" Zatara was a stage-magician who could also perform real magic. He was friends with Bruce Wayne's father, and when Bruce Wayne became an orphan, Zatara blamed himself. Later on, his wife died and he turned to alcohol in order to cope with his depression. You don't often see Superheroes on the big screen battling mental disorders, so it would definitely be an interesting character to see.

3. Blue Beetle

The original Blue Beetle was the superhero alias of Dan Garret, the son of a police officer who was murdered by a criminal. He originally fought without any superhuman abilities, but after ingesting a mysterious vitamin called Vitamin 2X he developed superhuman strength and stamina. During World War 2 he became a government agent and he was sent on secret missions overseas. Perhaps we will see Dan Garrett on a mission that leads him to Wonder Woman?

I think all three of these are strong candidates and I am definitely looking forward to finding out if any of them are true. Fingers crossed that Saïd will talk more about his role in the future.

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