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All men must die... but do they all stay dead?

If we tried to count all the dead and missing characters from Game of Thrones we would probably see Daenerys cross the Narrow Sea before the list was finished. The books and the show are notorious for killing off everyone and their mother, and no one is safe no matter how much fans love them. It's hard to say which death was the most heartbreaking, but I think I will never get over Ned Stark. He was the first major character to die, and ever since it happened I developed some severe trust issues. Usually when someone dies on Game of Thrones they stay dead, but a recent comment from actor Ian McShane has revealed that someone is coming back.

Mystery character

Back in August it was announced that Ian McShane is joining the cast for Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Nobody currently knows who he will be playing, but his character is described as "a small role with key importance." In a recent interview Ian explained that his character will appear in one episode, but he has a very important job.

"I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that."

Whaaat? That is the juiciest clue ever!

Ever since this was published the Internet has gone insane trying to find out who this somebody could be. There are definitely several characters we would like to see back on the show, some more likely than others. For the purpose of letting everyone enjoy these speculations I will not be including any book spoilers in this list. Without further ado, here are my predictions of who's coming back.

The Hound

Let's face it: anyone who dies off screen are not necessarily dead. We never saw Sandor Clegane take his final breath, and while it definitely looked like he was very close to dying we never knew what happened after Arya left him. It is especially intriguing that his brother, The Mountain, was pretty much a zombie the last time we saw him. Could the undead Mountain meet an undead Hound in an epic battle?

Syrio Forel

Could we be seeing Arya's dance master return? We never actually saw him die, the last thing we saw was Syrio defending himself with a broken wooden sword. People just assumed he didn't make it, but could we have been wrong all along? After all, he was the First Sword of Braavos and that has to mean something. Maybe he somehow survived and made his was back to Braavos. Could he be a member of the Faceless Men? I really hope this one is true because I would love to see the look on Arya's face the moment she reunites with Syrio.

Jon Snow

The return of Jon Snow is pretty much accepted by everyone by now, and it is certainly the worst kept secret in TV history. I always thought it would be Melisandre that would resurrect him, but could it be an entirely new character instead? I have to say I am skeptical, but you never really know with Game of Thrones. It makes more sense that Melisandre will be doing it, since followers of the Lord of Light have the ability to resurrect the dead and she is conveniently located at Castle Black. Not to mention that she totally has a lady-boner for Jon. But who knows, maybe a brand new character will appear out of nowhere and bring Jon back to life. I somehow doubt it, but I had to include him nonetheless purely because he is the most likely character to return.

There is one more character that would be an obvious choice for this list, but the person in question has not been mentioned on the show yet, so I will not write any details about her. If you've read the books you probably know who I'm talking about, and if you want to read more speculations about a certain Lady Stoneheart I recommend heading over to the Watchers on the Wall.

It's hard to decide which one of these I want to be true, but I would definitely love to see an insane zombie showdown between The Mountain and The Hound.

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