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After a relatively slow Episode 5 of The Walking Dead, it felt good to get amongst a bit of action in this week's episode, titled 'Always Accountable.' After Daryl was separated from Sasha and Abraham and subsequently robbed, things finally got on track for our beloved redneck when he came across a fuel truck and hauled ass back to Alexandria, after reuniting with his group. But while audiences were lulled into a false sense of security, right at the end of the episode, the writers just couldn't resist slipping in a big cliffhanger when a mystery person radios Daryl asking for help.

So, who exactly was on the other end of that walkie-talkie? Obviously most viewers immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was our boy Glenn, calling for help from underneath a pile of Nicholas' guts and walkers, but unfortunately Norman Reedus has just shot that theory totally to pieces. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus was asked what he could say about the end scene and he revealed the following:

I will say that voice is not Glenn.

He then followed that up with:

It’s not Glenn. But it’s probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that’s happening there.

And I'm inclined to believe that it's not Glenn. Take a listen to the voice again:

So if we believe Norman, and take Glenn out of the possibilities for who the mystery caller was, then who exactly was it? Let's take a look through the possibilities:


The walkie talkie is clipped to Rick's belt
The walkie talkie is clipped to Rick's belt

Rick definitely still has his walkie-talkie, and has been seen trying to use it to get in contact with members of the group, so it could be possible that it could be Rick radioing for help from Alexandria. However given the fact that Rick seems to have pretty much forgotten about the five remaining members outside the Alexandria walls, it seems a little unlikely, and also a little odd, that he would bother trying to radio for them to come to his aid when he has all the (remaining) residents of Alexandria to lend him support.

Random Alexandrian

There's not too much to go on with this theory except for the fact that Reedus suggested it in his interview, and if he was telling the truth, it's possible that someone like Aaron, Eric or Spencer could have a radio and are calling for help. There's a bit of a theory going around that Spencer could have committed suicide at the end of Episode 5. This idea was floated after blood was seen trickling down the side of the walls, and Spencer was the last person seen on watch—maybe it's possible that he could be radioing for assistance.


A popular theory seems to be that Dwight has Daryl's walkie-talkie and is using it to radio for help. This theory isn't totally insane, especially because we know that there was a whole truckload of men trying to find the pair. They could easily have ambushed the couple on the bike. Also, it gets even stronger when you notice that earlier in the episode the walkie-talkie was clipped to Daryl's belt, and at the end when Dwight and Sherry leave on the bike, it's nowhere to be seen. The pair also know that after Tina's insulin debacle Daryl has a soft side, and can't resist helping someone in need.

Wade or someone else?

Another popular theory is that the walkie-talkie is being used to lure Sasha, Abraham and Daryl into a trap. While we're not sure that the three have been sighted by Wade and his men, they had earlier been ambushed by a group of unknown shooters who could have been a related group. If this group somehow got a hold of Daryl's radio—or possibly even had their own radio tuned to the same frequency that the group were using, then this whole plea for help could all be a trap.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

Episode 7 of 'The Walking Dead' will air November 22nd on AMC

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