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Earlier this year, fans of animation and children's literature were stunned by the adorable trailer for the film adaptation of The Little Prince. Based on the 1943 novel of the same title, international trailers for The Little Prince have finally hit the Internet, and they're as adorable as we could have hoped.

Recapturing the magic of our childhood imaginations, The Little Prince tells a story within a story about the unlikely friendship between The Little Girl, a young prodigy who is put on a path to adulthood far too young, and her elderly next-door neighbor, The Aviator. These trailers will make you feel all of the feelings.

Check out the teaser trailer for The Little Prince, then scroll on down to see the full international trailer.

The english version of the film includes a familiar cast of voices, including: Mackenzie Foy (The Little Girl), Jeff Bridges (The Aviator) Rachel McAdams (The Mother), Riley Osborne (The Little Prince), Paul Rudd (Mr. Prince), James Franco (The Fox), Marion Cotillard (The Rose), Benicio del Toro (The Snake), and more.

To hear more of these voices in action, watch the longer international trailer here.

Disney and Pixar may be the masters of all things animation, but Paramount Pictures is certainly stepping up their game with this fantastical adventure. The mixed animation style paired with this A-list cast of actors promises a coming-of-age story you won't want to miss.

'The Little Prince' premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, but the movie will open in U.S. theaters starting March 18, 2016.


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