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Now, Marvel's Ant-Man may have already proved itself to be the surprise package of the summer, with a current worldwide box office haul of $518 million, a far better critical reception than initial buzz suggested, and a whole lot of fan love, but that doesn't mean that it was destined to do so. Throughout the film's lengthy gestation – it had been in development since 2006 – it not only went through the potentially scarring loss of original director Edgar Wright, as well as some substantial changes in tone and content.

From the looks of some newly released concept art for the movie, though...

We Almost Saw a Very Different Version of Ant-Man in the Movie

Costume designer and concept artist Andy Park – a particular favorite of Marvel Studios in recent years – didn't just come up with the version of Ant-Man's suit that we saw in the final movie, he came up with a whole lot of other versions too.

And, as it turns out, some of his alternative visions for the hero were...

...Surprisingly Dark

As with this almost Ultron-like approach to the costume's mask.

...Surprisingly Militaristic

As with this much more DC-like, quasi-Nightwing version of the suit.

And, intriguingly...

...Surprisingly Scary

As with this giant-bug-eye-featuring helmet.

The really fascinating thing about all of those designs, though?

They actually would all have made a pretty darned excellent final suit – and yet leave the version ultimately chosen looking perfect. Which... is actually pretty much all you can ever ask from concept art.

Nicely played, Mr Park. Nicely played...

What do you think, though?



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