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(Warning - the following contains potential SPOILERS for the upcoming crossover episodes of The Flash and Arrow. Proceed with whatever level of caution your innate SPOILER-aversion dictates...)

Now, when it comes to crossover episodes, even of the most beloved TV shows, expectations tend to be low. After all, they've historically tended to come across as shameless marketing maneuvers or (at their worst) self-indulgent and unnecessary.

Last year's crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash, however, took things in a very different direction. Taking the classic comic-book approach to a crossover - hero arrives in other hero's city, misunderstandings ensue - and running with it, they managed to create genuinely entertaining (and, crucially, meaningful) crossover adventures.

And from the sounds of it, the two shows are set to double down with the upcoming crossover double header (coming December 1 and 2), seeing as...

We're Apparently Set to See NINE Superheroes on Screen at One Time

Yup, that's right - according to Stephen 'Arrow' Amell, the specials will feature at least one scene featuring more superheroes than the average Justice League roster. As he revealed to during a recent set visit:

We shot a scene that had, like, nine superheroes in it. Nine people with either powers or super-suits. It was an amazing thing to look out over the scene and see the world that has been built over the course of three-plus years.

Which you can, in fact, watch him say for himself just below, along with some more general discussion of just why he thinks the crossovers will be fantastic:

The big question now, though?

Just Who Will Those Superheroes Be?

Well, with the already revealed image above seemingly confirming the identities of seven of them (from left to right, Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, Diggle, Hawkgirl and Hawkman), it seems we may only have to wonder about the final two.

With Legends of Tomorrow not only very much on the horizon, but being directly set-up within the crossover episodes, can we then assume that the other pair will be two of its stars, The Atom and White Canary? Or, alternatively, is the event set to pull off a shock reveal of some kind - introducing a brand new hero we've not yet met, or perhaps opting for a surprise return for one we have (Firestorm, say)?

Either way, it seems pretty much guaranteed to be RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

Which is nice.

What do you reckon, though?



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