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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Leading up to Star Wars: Battlefront's long awaited, big release, EA have revealed what those of you who have coughed up the $50 for the season pass will be getting your hands on. But, naturally, have still remained incredibly vague regarding the exact details.

The DLC will be coming in four different packs, that will included 4 new Heroes and Villains to play with. Which era of the Star Wars saga they'll be hailing from is still anyone's guess, but I'm hoping we may get the chance to enter battle as Kylo Ren, Finn or Rey. Because that would be awesome.

Ugh, so badass.
Ugh, so badass.

There will be 4 new game modes, 16 new multiplayer maps and "over 20' new pieces of "galactic tech" which will include new vehicles, weapons and Star Cards. The season pass will also give you access to the new DLC two weeks early, and you get a bonus "shoot first" emote.

All-in-all, this seems like surprisingly good value for a season pass, especially with the volume of additional maps that'll be coming our way. But my only worry is with the new weapons that season pass owners will be toying with. Will these paid items be stronger than the game's vanilla weapons?

Will the balance of the game be altered by loads of people being able to spawn special attack vehicles, and such, dramatically altering any playing field they're on? Or will all of this content be sat behind a paywall on the main menu, separating season pass holders from everyone else?

I guess we'll be finding out very, very soon as Battlefront is primed to explode onto your living room TV very, very soon.

(Source: EA Origin)


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