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Cate Blanchett has taken hobo chic to a whole new level in a new art project which has transformed her golden tresses into a wiry mane and besmirched her elegant features with a coating of grime.

The video art by Berlin based artist Julian Rosefeldt is part of a series entitled 'Manifesto' that sees the Hollywood superstar transformed into people from all walks of life, from a homeless man to a polished news anchor.

Just a reminder of Cate's usual look...
Just a reminder of Cate's usual look...

The work, which will see Blanchett utilize her acting abilities to embody the essence of twelve different artists' manifestos from various art movements (e.g. surrealism and futurism) and takes the form of a series of shorts, can be viewed at the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) in December.

Check out some of the astonishing still images of some of Blanchett's new personas in the still images below:

Homeless Man

Cate is almost unrecognizable with this subtle nose prosthetic, although the piercing blue eyes peeking out from beneath the dirt give her away.

Ballet Teacher

Posing as an eccentric ballet teacher, Blanchett demonstrates her chameleon-like qualities that make her such a well respected actor.

Conservative Religious Homemaker

This staunchly conservative scene surprisingly represents Pop Art. The artist believes that, "Pop Art was clearly a statement against a certain kind of stiffness in society. So I wanted to push this to the extreme."


In one of the more surreal segments, Blanchett plays a news reporter named 'Cate'...

News Anchor

...and a news anchor also named 'Cate' interacting with each other to represent a Sol LeWitt text about Conceptual Art.

Whether conceptual art is your jam or not, you have to admit that Blanchett's transformations are nothing short of impressive!

(Source: AMCI)


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