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Your OTP may not be canon, but these cosplayers have used their crafty skills to bring your favorite fan-fictions to life. I know you're eager to see them, so I won't keep you waiting any longer. Here's the list!

1. Draco and Hermione

This couple, better known as Dramione, has got to be the most popular imaginary couple from the Harry Potter franchise. I don't think I will ever understand why, but countless fan-fiction has been written about the two. The above picture was posted by Tumblr user dramionefeltson.

2. Dean and Castiel

SpaceParked and his boyfriend went to London MCM Expo dressed as Destiel and the result is this adorable photo. Destiel-shippers have probably already seen the photo, as it has made its way around Tumblr more than once.

3. Thorin and Bilbo

Hey, if a dwarf and an elf can hook-up there's no reason why a hobbit and a dwarf can't make things work! Ever since The Hobbit movies came out people have shipped Bagginshield, and these cosplayers took it upon themselves to make this dream come true. Tumblr user sashaforthewin is dressed as Thorin and Bilbo is portrayed by lowlysnackpack.

4. Merida and Hiccup

I didn't even know I shipped them until I saw this photo. The photo was posted on Facebook by Organized Chaos Costuming, and I have to admit that I totally want to see a How to Train Your Merida movie now.

5. Elsa and Jack Frost

Whether or not you ship Jelsa you can't deny that the above image is absolutely beautiful. Jack Delight and Cosplay Ato did a great job together, and you should definitely check out this Tumblr.

6. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

This image is so cute. I can definitely picture Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum getting together, and so can Tumblr users Berndor and Hythe.

7. Sansa and Margaery

I ship it so much! They would be the cutest couple in Westeros, which must be why StarBitCosplay and Santatory created this image. I'm convinced Margaery is at least bi, if not fully gay, and Sansa hasn't exactly had pleasant experiences with men. They totally need to get together!

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