ByDakota Strode, writer at

As many of us know, the Power Rangers are getting a reboot in 2016; however, numerous people assume that this remake is going to "bomb." I really don't think that is the case at all.

Like most kids, I grew up watching the fantastic t.v. serious and films. I loved it, and continue to love it to this day. The critics who are against the reboot go back to the roots of the series, implying that it is too childish to have a serious movie, nothing was threatening about the villains, and the cast is unknown.

First, while the show was intended for children, who is to say that it cannot adapt to the modern ear? As long as they move away from the kid-friendly Nickelodeon version and head toward a more D.C.-esque version, it might have a chance. It can be just as good as a comic superhero movie (which are also meant for kids).

Second, yes, none of the villains in a children's show are threatening. It's probably because it was meant for children. If it adapts to the times, Lord Zedd and Rita could be very scary evil masterminds. Or they could pull a Marvel and have none of the villains be even remotely threatening in any of the films.

Third, all of the cast is unknown. Name a start up film that didn't have a cast like this. New talent could recharge this franchise.

I'm ready for this movie. Go Go Power Rangers!


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