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Fallout 4 has finally had its release date, and the game has obviously received critical acclaim. I'm about 30 hours into my adventure in the Boston wastelands, and I've yet to start the second main mission. There's almost too much to do, and I realize that I'll be trapped - happily so - in a Bethesda game until Christmas. We all missed them for these 4 long years since Skyrim, but they're back on top form with Fallout 4.

However...the game isn't perfect. It still has a massive amount of glitches, and even game-breaking bugs to contend with. It has that usual Bethesda griminess that we're accustomed to, but in 2015, it's hard to let them away with it - even if it is a fantastic game. They need to sort out the buggy nature of their worlds, but some people have wondered whether an expansion into the online realm is something that should also be considered for Elder Scrolls 6.

After Fallout 4, Do We Need An Online Option For Elder Scrolls 6?

Do we need more of this?
Do we need more of this?

Obviously the last thing I want to see is Elder Scrolls 6 become The Elder Scrolls Online 2. That's probably the worst thing that it could become. But I am someone who's seen the potential for online interactions within Bethesda's universes. There were so many times during Skyrim that I desired to have a friend play as a companion with me for a few hours, never able to experience the thrill.

I haven't had this desire in Fallout just yet, mainly due to the fact that I'm so lost in its world that I want no distractions. But the idea of having a friend join me on my quest as a companion is an alluring one. Imagine helping a friend with a few quests and seeing experience be transferred to your own game and character. Online friends could replace NPCs as their own Elder Scrolls character, and the land could be a place for one or two more gamers at a time.

Should Online Interactions Be A Release Date Priority?

This is a step too far.
This is a step too far.

The Elder Scrolls Online is not a model for the online additions we'd like to have in Elder Scrolls 6. The last thing we want is for a load of idiots to be running around and ruining our immersion. But to have another invited traveller in your world, one that can level up alongside you, is something that I'd really like to see as a feature in Elder Scrolls 6.

Am I and a few others alone in this desire? If it didn't impact on the singleplayer experience too much, would you want to see an online feature in Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6? Let us know where you'd stand in the comments below!


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