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It's (almost) here! The dramatic end to one of the best young adult movie and book franchises out there. With the anticipation building up for [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866), it got me reminiscing about the series as a whole, the characters we've met along the way and those we're soon to meet in this final installment.

Many characters, though their role may be small in the books and movies, have made a huge impact in the survival of our main characters. Let's pay them a proper tribute!

1. Foxface

You might remember her from the first movie as the girl who could have tried to fight and kill Katniss, but instead they both mutually decided to leave each other alone. This was the first time we learn that Katniss is truly not a killer. She's not looking for a fight, but she'll stand up for herself when she has to.

Foxface was the only Tribute that didn't make a confirmed kill, though she still came close to surviving the Hunger Games, which is commendable and shows how clever and quick-thinking she is. She tracked Peeta and Katniss but never engaged them - nor did she try to kill them, when it's obvious she was sneaky enough to do so.

2. Thresh

Another original Hunger Games Tribute. An encounter with Thresh was a pivotal point for Katniss, and is a big part of the reason she is still around to become the Mockingjay of the Revolution. Thresh, instead of easily killing her when the opportunity presented itself, defied the games and showed her mercy - letting her go unharmed. If anything, he deserved a lot more credit in Katniss' speech during their Victory Tour than anyone. Sparing her life was an act of selflessness, as well as an act of bravery because she could have killed him in due time, too.

3. Wiress

Nicknamed 'Nuts' when she was chosen to play in the 75th Hunger Games, no one was willing to become her ally - except for Katniss. As it turned out, Wiress saved their lives by figuring out that the arena was a clock. Had she not tipped the team off with her "tick tocks, tick tocks," Katniss may not have become the Mockingjay at all, dying early on, forever stuck in time.

4. Cressida

A girl originally from the Capitol, Cressida saw through the glitz and glamour. The once privileged girl noticed the corruption of her society and fled to aid in the Rebel's efforts. There's something to be said of someone who grew up in the comfort of having all of the advantages in the world, and still chooses to leave the convenience of the silver spoon behind to help in a Revolution that could essentially take that world away from her. Cressida believes in fighting for the greater good, and should be commended for it.

5. Tigris

We haven't yet met her in the past installments, but she briefly pops up in the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer. In the books, Tigris is a Rebel sympathizer and a renown stylist for the Games. During the battle in the Capitol, Tigris takes Katniss and Co. into her fur shop to hide them. She opens up a secret basement for the weary team, allowing them a safe shelter to rest in.

Many have died trying to help our Mockingjay, and many others have successfully fought beside her—in one way or another—along her journey to becoming the fierce, confident heroine we now see in the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer above.

It gives me chills seeing the last round of tormenting horrors she'll be up against in the tireless war for freedom. She'll have to face harrowing obstacles and decisions in this final charge for justice. Katniss Everdeen is not only fighting for personal freedom from President Snow, but for each and every District's prosperous release from the Capitol's vice-like ruling. Luckily for both her and the fans soldiering beside her, she's in the best of company.

Katniss may be the heart of the Rebellion, but these five people have shown that their character is just as capable and compassionate.

Will you be at the Rebel's climatic battle when 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' premieres this weekend!?


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