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With two beloved characters revived; their time in Star City is limited...

Last week’s Arrow opened up to where we left Ray Palmer 6 months ago. To those who weren’t yet aware of the obvious; although, how are you not?! We see Ray miniaturise himself before being blasted out of Palmer Tech upon it exploding.

Back in present day, a Mayoral campaign meeting sets the scene for Oliver to explain that Felicity has been swamped at palmer tech; only to be less concerned when he learns she’s obsessing over Ray. Magical encounters aside, Oliver is hesitant to believe Ray is able to survive. Meanwhile, in order to give Campaign manager Alex some depth outside of his role, a romance kindles between him and Thea. When rejected by Thea, is it ultimately she who asks him out upon deciding she wants some normalcy.

Meanwhile, back at Palmer Tech, Felicity is trying to backtrace the origin of Ray’s message in order to locate him. We learn, that instead of one message, Ray has been trying endlessly to contact Felicity. Unfortunately, his messages were intercepted by Damien Darhk; who wants to steal his tech. Much to Felicity’s guilt for losing herself in Oliver; travelling the world and hitting up the suburbs; tension ignites between the two.

Providing some comic relief, Curtis points out the obvious; that no one noticed with Oliver’s original stint as the Arrow; that Oliver returned at the same time the Green Arrow arrived.

Back in the flashbacks of Lian Yu, Oliver shows Reiter and Conklin the mystical lair he’d visited with John Constantine. With Oliver’s knowledge of both magic and the island; he and Conklin - who later tries to have Oliver killed - are tasked to find a cove, and retrieve Reiter’s ‘gift’. Disappointing is the secrecy behind Oliver’s tattoo and the continuing vagueness of these flashbacks.

Returning to present day, Sara informs her mother that she is alive via a phone call; before logic takes over for her to visit her mother (and save the writers the expense of hiring Alex Kingston again), and Oliver expresses his concern for Felicity’s wellbeing; who endures despite logic, due to her guilt over Ray.

The backtrace on Ray’s message allows Oliver and Felicity to speak with him, and find out that he is the size of a ‘tater tot’. Upon learning that he is being held captive for his technology, the team are tasked with finding schematics at Palmer Tech, in order to resize Ray. Feeling jealous of Ray and Felicity’s similarities, Oliver offers to help, only to be turned down; threatening their relationship, in his ignorance of Felicity’s guilt.

Escalating tensions between Oliver and Felicity in Star City, Felicity’s mother; Donna visits. Whilst only landing Oliver in more trouble, it seems Donna may have a more permanent presence as she connects with Lance at the end of the episode.

Team Arrow suits up to acquire the tech they need from Kord Industries, to save Ray. With Sara’s presence, it is revealed that she still shares a bloodlust from her link to the Lazarus Pit; beating a security guard to a pulp.

Still pissed, Felicity gives Oliver the nickname Chatty Kathy; when communication between the two is anything but. Not only balancing drama with some relief, the tension between the two is somewhat comforting. With the honeymoon bubble burst, Olicity still seem to be end game… unless, of course, they kill Felicity in 6 months (and stomp on my heart before setting it alight). In the end, it is Felicity’s mother that encourages her daughter to revel in her relationship. With this conversation, Felicity’s absentee Father is also mentioned. Will this play a role later on, or aid Felicity in accepting and valuing, Oliver as a Father?

Upon a second contact with Ray, we discover that alongside Darhk holding him captive; Darhk catches Ray talking to Felicity, placing her in danger - especially when he learns of her link to the Arrow.

With our worry over the loss of a character in 6 months, Darhk’s increasing hit list almost cements his role in our imminent loss. Pleased that Damien is Ray’s captor, Oliver uses Lance as bait to find Ray’s location.

Back in Lian Yu, Oliver discovers Rieter, has both mystical and religious interests. With more magic than we know what to do with, Oliver believes the Drugs are a front for Reiter to pursue power. Is this where Oliver’s tattoo will ultimately come into play? or will it extend into aiding his war against Darhk?

In a second mission to save Ray; Oliver is used as bait, to distract Darhk. Ironically, as Diggle disguises himself as the 2nd Diggle to be one of Darhk’s ‘Ghosts’, he is able to welcome Curtis and Felicity into the field with Sara, Laurel and Thea. Whilst we hope Curtis will one day permanently join Team Arrow, Diggle finally gets a code name; “Spartan”, to keep him out of the loop.

Upon his rescue, Ray declares “I’m not dead” before deciding to remain so…legally. Oliver escapes Darhk, who has suspicions as to his Identity; once again, rooting Felicity at the centre of it all.

Building her exit, Sara; the former assassin, is disgusted after fulfilling her bloodlust. Having misused her second chance, she vows to leave for Central City in order to control her powers and start anew. With Sara in Central City, will the Flash be the one to introduce Rip Hunter and the Legends of Tomorrow? Will Sara return to Arrow before her move?

With Ray back but still legally dead, Felicity’s role as CEO remains in place and financially secure. As he is likely to remain dead as he joins Legends of Tomorrow, Oliver’s Mayoral and Arrow funds are unlikely to become depleted nor a storyline for Team Arrow to deal with.

After the resurrection, resizing, and identification of souls last week, the episode ends with Darhk wishing to resize a mysterious fold-out box; with the tech recovered from traces of Ray’s ‘Dwarf star alloy’. Are we going to see a literal Hive be built? or is this another payment to the powers above?

Wednesday Night’s episode brings about a focus on Darhk’s ghosts. From a discussion on souls, and ties to the past, Diggle and Team Arrow attempt to rescue Andy, who is very much alive.

Do you think Thea and Andy's time in Star City will be a Darhk one?




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