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Welcome to radar, your daily recap of social media posts made by our favorite superheroes on the big and small screens alike! Since it's Monday, I'll include posts from over the weekend, just so that you're caught up for the week. Below, you'll find a Spider-Man tease that had made fans green with envy, some "musical episode" speculation, and a world coming together in the face of tragedy.

Tom Holland's Friend Makes a Great Harry Osbourne

Seems like we're still getting photos in from some very super Halloween parties. This one in particular shows upcoming Spider-Man star Tom Holland with a friend, dressed as a nod to his predecessor. Holland sports the dark eye-bags and hairstyle of what's best known as "emo" Peter Parker, and his friend makes for one spot-on Harry Osbourne.

Star-Lord Says: Read, Kids!

Who knew that celebrities could turn into book bloggers? While Chris Pratt isn't yet writing full reviews of his favorite novels, he did take the time out of his day to recommend Ethan Hawke's Rules for a Knight, a new fantasy book that looks like tons of fun.

The iZombie Guys Get Musical

"Do you know that hot guy from iZombie?" "Which one?"

The men of iZombie (or, well, some of them) were in the recording booth for reasons unknown this past weekend. Is there a musical episode in the works? While that's not known, they do look like they're having fun—and I, for one, would totally pay money to see Destiny's Cousin live.

Jada Pinkett Smith Shuts Down The Rousey Hate

Regardless of how you feel about Ronda Rousey—the mixed martial artist who has openly ridiculed Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman, and proclaimed her desire to play Captain Marvel—her loss over the weekend has divided fans and non-fans alike. But after the fight, Gotham star Jada Pinkett Smith made it clear where her loyalty lies. She jumped to Rousey's defense immediately, and as always, was a class act about it.

Celebs Come Out In Support

Two horrifying attacks shook the world last week in Paris and Beirut. As we recuperate (more info on how you can help from home here, if you're looking for resources), Hollywood reflected. Check out the full round-up here.


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