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In case you haven't already heard, the Instagram page Fuzzberta has a stream of photos guaranteed to make any animal and pop culture lover's heart explode with joy. You've likely seen hamsters eating tiny foods, but have you ever seen guinea pigs dressed up in tiny, adorable costumes?

It looks as if these fellas just missed the Halloween boat, but there's no wrong time to look at this level of cuteness. Take a look at these furry little movie fans in their freshest costumes.

Guinea Pigachu

Princess Leia OrGuinea


Mast-fur Yoda


Hairy Potter

Katniss Everpig

Guinea Pignado

Back to the Fur-ture

Live and Let Fuzz

Furry Finn

Luckily for us, there are even more photos of guinea pigs dressing up (because why not?) on Fuzzberta's Instagram page. There are over 300 pictures of dressed up guinea pigs, so I'd recommend following their page as quickly as possible for more!

(Source: Fuzzberta)


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