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I enjoy reading in general, watch movies, be on PS4, but mostly being with my family and friends

I have a theory to ask everyone that has myself on not a spin, since I myself am not confused or disarrayed by any means, but on a small journey to see if there is a mental condition, or psychological term for what I am recently going through. So to start I took a look back on some books that I have read. one being Lee Child's Gone Tomorrow, and now James Patterson's I Alex Cross. Now before I watched the two movies with both Tyler Perry and Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher
Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

Tyler Perry as I have mentioned above playing Alex Cross, and now Tom Cruise playing or correctly played these two characters. So now every time I go and read a Jack Reacher book or Alex Cross book. I cannot help but to imagine both actors in the book still just like they portrayed them in the movie because lets face it they were well chosen to pick to play the part. I am wandering if anyone else have had this peculiar though not bad situation has happened to you.

Give me your opinion, and let me know of any psychological conditions to explain it and give me a shout out. For those though that have not thought of this interesting occurrence, then the challenge from me to you is to find a movie that you like or liked (ex. Twilight, Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games, etc.) then read the book counterpart to that movie, and see if the image of the movie sticks with you in the book also. As I have said before inform me on what you think, and have a blessed day.


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