BySean Gallagher, writer at Bros and the DCU will surpass them. As for Man of Steel. I'll admit there were some really good aspects to it. Interesting take on the Kryptonian society to set up the conflict. Kevin Costner was epic as Pa Kent. I appreciated that Lois was not just a wallflower. Given all of that, they made too many very big missteps with Kal-El himself and, I feel, with the other Kryptonians. Henry Cavill was fine as far as the material he was given but, Superman would NEVER have just let his father be killed by a tornado. Not ever. That nearly killed the whole movie for me. And while I don't have the same complaint about the collateral damage that I see from some fanboys, I do have a problem with how it was portrayed. Once it was a battle between Kal-El and Zod he should have been shown to at least try harder to get the conflict away from innocents. He didn't have to be successful, but he had to try. Not even trying is where they failed. and that is massive. The other Kryptonians learned their abilities too quickly. Kal-El had a lifetime of learning how to take all those extra senses and integrate them. That should have been shown as the reason he had a chance against greater odds. The weaknesses were all in the HOW and WHY of the story and that all lies at the feet of Zack Snyder. Watchmen and Suckerpunch were beautiful visually. and so was Man of Steel. Snyder has a great cinematic vision and style. But Suckerpunch was devoid of story. and Watchmen took one of the greatest comic story lines ever written and turned into a mildly enjoyable movie that I have mostly forgotten about since then. To make good superhero stories you have to have not just a visual style but you must also have a good handle on how to tell the story, because the story is what makes it truly stand out. Snyder doesn't have that. I don't have a lot of confidence in BvS for that reason. Further Batman movies could be good though. I like Ben Affleck a lot and I think he'll do great.

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