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This article is not a theory, or anything like that. I’m writing this for the TV show fans, those who aren’t necessarily comic fans. Here you’ll read all about Zoom in the comics, and how he compares to his television counterpart. So, let’s get our nerd on!


Comics: In the comics, Zoom is a man named Hunter Zolomon. As a child he was ignored by both his parents most of his childhood. On the day he was set to leave for college, he found police seizing his home. It would turn out that his father was a serial killer, and when Hunter’s mother spoke to the police, his father took her life as his final victim. Refusing to give up, Hunter’s father was killed by the police. Hunter became obsessed with understanding the criminal mind, so he studied psychology and criminology in college. He would join the FBI with his girlfriend, and future wife, Ashley. At the FBI they were trained by Ashley’s father. During a case, Hunter assured his father in law that the criminal would not be armed when going to apprehend him. Surprisingly, the suspect was armed with a weapon, and killed Ashley’s father. Because of this, Ashley left him and Hunter was dismissed from the FBI. He was also injured during the case, requiring a cane. Zolomon then relocated to Keystone City, where he got a job as a profiler for the department of Metahumans. Here, he was in constant contact with then Flash, Wally West. Later, Zolomon would be severely injured by Gorilla Grodd, when he escaped from iron heights. The attack left Hunter paralyzed. He begged Wally to use the cosmic treadmill to go back in time to stop Grodd from ever paralyzing him. Wally, knowing not to mess with the timeline, refused. With Wally’s decision, Hunter decided to use the treadmill himself. While messing with it, there was an explosion that destroyed the entire Flash museum. This incident is what gave Zoom his powers.

TV: All we know up to this point is that Zoom apparently got his powers from the particle accelerator.


Comics: Knowing about Barry Allen’s nemesis, Professor Zoom, Zoom went on to adopt his outfit. It is mainly yellow, his traces of red. His eyes are also red. When running, Zoom leaves a trail or red lightning.

TV: Zoom here wears an all-black suit. It looks almost identical to Barry’s except of course for the demonic mask, and the claws. Also, this Zoom gives off blue lightning.


Comics: Zoom wants to do one thing, make Wally a better hero. This is how he justifies everything he does. He believes the things he does, and the obstacles Wally has to overcome, will make Wally a better hero.

TV: Zoom here is much more evil. It appears that he wants to be the only speedster, not just on Earth-2, but in any universe. He steals their speed, and ultimately tries to kill them.

Original Confrontation

Comics: As stated above, Zolomon only wants Wally to be a better hero. He believes since Wally has never experienced personal tragedy, it was hindering him as a hero. Because of this belief, he went on to attack the Flash and his allies. With a snap of his fingers, Zoom created a sonic boom, causing Wally’s pregnant wife, Linda Park, to miscarry her twins. Only when Wally borrowed speed from the other speedsters, was he able to match Zoom’s speed, and defeat him.

TV: In S02E06, “Enter Zoom”, we got our first confrontation between Barry and Zoom. Like in the comics, Linda was targeted first, and the Flash was nowhere near Zoom’s speed. Because of this, Zoom gave Barry a beating like we’ve never seen.


Comics: When he gets his powers, Zoom does not use the speedforce like the other speedsters in the DCU. Zoom actually manipulates time around him, thus slowing everything down while he moves at a normal speed. This gives everyone the illusion that he is moving at super-speed. Because of the way he moves, he is not able to use some abilities that speedsters can, such as vibrate his molecules through solid objects. He has also been shown, twice, to grant others temporary super-speed.

TV: It’s really tough to say yet if Zoom has the powers of those in the comics, or if he uses the speedforce. You can make arguments for both, but like I said this isn’t a theory post, so I’ll leave the speculation up to you

Well, that about does it for today. Hope you learned something!



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