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If you saw the first episode of Into the Badlands after last night's The Walking Dead, you may have noticed that AMC could very easily be on its way to having yet another hit on its hands.

It doesn't hurt their ratings either that they're paired with TWD, one of the most popular TV series of all time.

Here are a few reviews so far regarding the show...

The AV Club reviewed it and gave it a solid 'B' rating. Here's what some of what they had to say:

Into The Badlands looks beautiful, which is no small feat for an unknown property on a small network on the small screen. The expert production design keeps the show from ever looking cheap, and it seems that budget was on the forefront of everyone’s mind, ensuring robust fight scenes without an ounce of unnecessary flair. There’s a perfect level of pedestrianism in the production, no six-minute one-takes, no huge tracking shots, that serves the simple story well. was also pretty happy with it:

I don't know about you guys, but when I watch a television show I like to be entertained by it. And the first episode of AMC's new martial-arts drama Into the Badlands left me thoroughly entertained, even though when people talked with their mouths it wasn't nearly as interesting as when they spoke with their FISTS. But most of those problems are on an annoying academic level, and in a whirling dervish of a show like Into the Badlands, where random goons get kicked so hard that the viewer gets the wind knocked out of them, they're problems that are easily overlooked. Why? Because I really enjoy watching people get beat up.

Lastly, The Wrap called it "slick, dumb fun."

Not bad, not bad at all. Obviously, like most shows, it will take time to build an audience and just because it was paired to air after The Walking Dead doesn't mean it will see the same level of success. Not that it's trying to.

We'll see if AMC can successfully replace some of its biggest hitters that are now off air in Mad Men and Breaking Bad.


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