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The recent ISIS attacks in Paris were horrible and it's just disgusting thinking about it. There isn't a Flash or a Supergirl to come and save the day, this is reality. If we want to talk superheroes though, it's because of the attacks that one comic book TV series had one of their episodes moved.

Supergirl Episode Has Been Moved Back

The episode that was supposed to air tonight, “How Does She Do It?” had Kara dealing with bombings throughout National City. Bad timing, huh? It also doesn't help that there is another CBS show, NCIS, which also had an episode delayed for this reason named “Defectors,” which involved ISIS recruiting young women. The December 7 installment “The Long Goodbye,” will air in its place. It's obvious why they would have to move these episodes but in reality, will this mess up the context of Supergirl?

The episode was replaced by the Thanksgiving-themed “Livewire,” which was originally scheduled to air the following week of Thanksgiving. That is a problem alone where that Thanksgiving episode is happening in the wrong slot of time. The real issue is that they swapped the episodes. These episodes are all connected as one big story. This is like reading chapters 1 through 4 of a novel and then reading chapter 6 and then going back to chapter 5. There will be things that we don't understand in episode 6 that happened in episode 5 and when we get to see episode 5, we most likely know everything that happened, especially the fact that they summarize the episode before the episode even begins!

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